“Where Angels Fear To Tread”

The New Moon In Aries ~ April 1st, 2022 ~ 11 Degrees

Aries New Moon enlivens action oriented energy that motivates setting goals. Then doing whatever needs to be done in order to achieve them.

This New Moon in Aries, on the heels of the Aries Equinox marks a rebirthing of the flow of life. Spring has begun to be sprung!

Astrologically, it is the beginning of a New Year as the Sun in Aries resumes its journey through the wheel of the Zodiac. Sun in Aries marks movement forward through another yearly cycle around the Zodiac. The 12 signs, the 12 Houses and their empiric affiliations to the planets, as we understand, rule them. This New Moon truly is a new beginning. So be sure to set your intention.

Aries is the Cardinal starting point. Mars, ruler of Aries, bursts forth with an instinctual desire to survive, to be alive and to thrive. Instinctual, being the operative word here and it is the significant felt sense behind what motivates Aries. This is what imbues Aries with the zest and passion towards creative pursuits, it’s desirous nature and a deep love of being the purveyor of heroic acts.

You may find Aries stimulating conflict if none is going on out of its own need for that kind of challenge. Sometimes their energy as fierce as the life force itself, so vibrantly makes its way through the proverbial birth canal. Crying out to itself, the world and the Universe, I Am, I am, I really and truly am!

We begin this New Moon and this Aries Spring with the input of the energetic grace of Chiron, the wondrous wounded healer. Chiron in a tight conjunction with the Sun in Aries takes this Aries season to a whole new level. Being the metaphor of the archetype of the Wounded Healer, it is an unequivocal dynamic that is coloring this moment.

To use the Chiron factor wisely, first let yourself become conscious of any wounds of abandonment that might get played out in your life.

This could be felt as experiencing yourself being rejected by another in some way. To be dismissed and forsaken by another, especially by someone of significance in your life is excruciatingly painful. Be aware of how you might even do this to yourself.

Usually there is a guilty sense of feeling unwanted and therefore ashamed of oneself, as if you have no right to exist. However it’s the acknowledgement of those kinds of painful experiences that sheds light as an indication for us to find and/or create a doorway. A much more aligned and appropriate doorway that serves as passage towards the light.

Even though we may know better. That on some level being well assured that ultimately we are alright, the need for self acceptance and owning our darkest pain is the beginning. Chiron guides us to the vulnerability of our shadow. It’s only in the shadow that we can begin to see the light.

Self love and self acceptance supports the beginning of a new understanding. This surrender and letting go opens a new door.

Then moving through that door we meet the teacher. We can study and learn about many aspects of healing. Applying knowledge helps us to develop the compassion and understanding to actually embrace the gift contained within that hurting.

We have transcended the bounds of split off thinking and have become liberated to see beyond the limitations of our mind. The Chiron process becomes our greatest link and most valuable resource.

It is said that your weakest link, when it becomes conscious becomes your strongest link. So this stands as true for Chiron. Specifically when Chiron appears in the places of wounding and vulnerability indicated through the aspects and transits it forms in your birth chart. Make room for the experience and trust that the pain and vulnerability contains within it your greatest gifts and treasure.

The time has come for Chiron to be valued as a necessary component of our lives as we continue to move forward thru this most transformative time.

I see this as a good thing.

In addition Mercury conjunct the Sun and the Moon in this planetary packed stellium contributes to the necessary mindful awareness tools needed to navigate our experience of this moment. A reverent moment of reflection this is. To then keep moving forward and through this time while the Sun and Moon is in Aries is an amazing starting point, indeed.

I will say, as a citizen of the United States, a country who is now in its Pluto Return, herein lies the solution. Albeit, the grace of humility is a vastly needed component of this moment. I would hope that the Chiron element of wisdom and compassion to be reflected in a change of attitude spreading through out the land.

That would be a good thing, as well.

Reflecting on these thoughts and sentiments I have spoken of here, see what new intentions you want and need to set moving forward. Specifically as the season continues to blossom and bloom and becomes delightfully warmer with each passing day, week and month.

If anything this moment can offer you, is a desire to delve into your own awareness and experience contained within the knowledge and understanding of your own wounding. Your own shadow that is there to guide you into the light. To uncover the resources and gifts contained within you. That is the fascinating richness of this Aries New Moon and the start of a whole new cycle.

New Moon in Aries through the signs ~

Aries ~ 🎼 🎶 Happy Birthday to you! 🎶🎶🎶! This is a celebration steeped in self reflection. A bit more introspection can actually be a way to value and acknowledge your journey. This is the time for you to focus and clarify your goals as they pertain to your needs. See how you can move to the next level of useful knowledge about yourself and where to from here.

Taurus ~ This is a moment where meditation and yogic breathing can serve you well. This is a time where you are being given the opportunity to learn how to deal with conflict. Peace and stability are at the heart of what you value the most. However, this moment is testing your ability to be cool, calm and collected as what you understand to be your reality is being questioned by circumstances being presented to you. Hang in there and open your mind and heart to something new and innovative.

Gemini ~ Just a perfect time to really get those long awaited projects off the ground. Goals which might have been hard to get to, you can get to them now. This Aries New Moon is the Fire your Mutable energy needs to ignite you into action. Organized well thought out action is the gift of this moment to you.

Cancer ~ This Aries Season serves as a rushing flow of Spring wind to hasten you on your way. To focus your attention on your already loaded docket of to-do lists. Allow yourself to swim with the flow of this rush of Cardinal Fire that energizes you. Energizing you as it fills you with desire. Then enjoy the coming blossom and bloom as it all unfolds and fills you with delight. The joy and delight of accomplishment and a lighter list of to-dos.

Leo ~ This is a moment where you can be clearly “lit up” by the Aries stellium along with the Aquarius triad of Venus/Saturn and Mars. All powerful configurations. Nevertheless, be mindful that this all comes with a bit of a twist. The vulnerability of Chiron in Aries and Saturn in Aquarius makes this moment of being “lit up” contrasted with somber sobriety of a soul seeking process. You might just find your relationships to contain the sorts of challenges that have the capacity to open you up to greater wisdom and therefore greater fulfillment.

Virgo ~ Growth that comes through being compelled to explore parts of your life in a way that you have never had to before. So this New Moon holds gifts and blessings for you disguised in challenges. Puzzlements and dilemmas that have come to support you to become more of who you really and truly are. All you have to do is to persevere in the unraveling of it all. All is well as you continue on.

Libra ~ From quite an indirect angle the spotlight is on you. As it always is at this Aries time of year. Take heart, via the Chiron influence conducive to soul searching. It is one of the best beauty and harmonizing secrets going. So use this moment as a “spafor your Soul. Relax into the health and healing of it all. Enjoy the gifts of beauty and peace as you open up to the truth contained within your experience of this moment.

Scorpio ~ As with Aries, this is an energizing moment for you, albeit made mellowed by all the powerful configurations touching upon you now. Particularly the Venus/Saturn/Mars stellium in Aquarius squaring the Nodal Axis of which your sign is playing a part. Deep digging into your Soul comes naturally to you on many levels so you are quite at home with the demands of the moment. I do recommend giving yourself quiet time to meditate and breathe deeply. Allow your breath to give you the momentum that will enable you to soar like an Eagle. To rise above it all.

Sagittarius ~ A many faceted moment for you. It would be quite beneficial for you to take the time to find what it’s meaning is for you. Give yourself the time to open up to the secrets and treasures hidden within the domain of your own vulnerability. Remember, how the adventure unfolds as one door closes and another one opens. It’s the wisdom contained within you and the deepest parts of your soul that always holds the key to unlock any door.

Capricorn ~ This is a moment of reflection but from a place of innovation. This has been a very powerful couple of years. Even so, with the beginning of this new Astrological year the metaphorical winds of change are beckoning. Requiring you to shake it loose, and just let it rattle and roll. Therein lies the key to the door of your own vulnerability that only you can open up to, Please note that when you do, the gifts, resources and treasures that await you are vast and beyond your wildest mystical dreams.

Aquarius ~ It is said, “Life happens as you are making other plans”. Yes, it’s been like that for quite some time, has it not?!? So rather than trying to make your life and practices fit some sort of equation of which Uranus, one of your ruling planets among other Aquarian factors keep sabotaging. Rethink the “plan”. You must stop, look and listen! Clarify what is most needed and desired. Remove obstacles with bone chilling honesty. Then slowly with steady loving ruthless compassion, forge ahead. You will be successful. I affirm it to be so.

Pisces ~ It is a very useful and necessary practice for you to pay attention to all the mundane goings on in your life. There is much richness and beauty in your life via allowing yourself to really be present with the seemingly trivial and mundane. The practices and rituals you have designed or happened upon thru just living your life serve as an anchoring springboard at this particular juncture in time for you. Of all the signs, it is Pisces who truly knows how extraordinary the ordinary really is. So keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on.

And that is it for now!

For a deeper dive into your astrology chart,

Please contact me, Pamela Joy for a reading

Via email ; lotus77fullbloom@icloud.com


Happy New Moon 🌚



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