Oh My, So Much time has gone by…….

Still and all it is so amazing to be here….within the midsts of many challenges,still ongoing as I write this. I am so aware of how my awareness of ordinary  day to day existence is extraordinary.

As I move through a maze of challenges I am seeing, with strength and grace…a sweet, connected life unfolding.

Indeed sometimes it takes loss and disappointments to clear out extraneous baggage no longer needed..Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen has said “Sometimes what seems to be a catastrophe is the foundation to live a well lived life.”

And so onward and upward with fascination and wonder this miraculously, magnificent journey  continues to unfold.

And we are here to tell and listen to our stories ……….

“When will our consciousness grow so tender,that we try to understand conflict rather than try to avenge it.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Perhaps,it is through the  growth and challenges of Capricorn,Aquarius and Pisces that we can evolve to that tender and wise place that Mrs.Roosevelt suggests in that quote.

Which brings us to the sign we are moving through now….Pisces…..

The main goal of Pisces is to experience pure consciousness….

The journey of Pisces and people born under that sign is one of compassion and forgiveness….

Random acts of kindness and love expresses the endpoint of the gentleness of Pisces.

The challenge is to stay grounded and connected to ones self on this planet earth in the here and now.So as to guarantee safe passage to a  more transcendent place. Otherwise escapism,chaos,fragmentation and disorientation can occur…….

And the only way back from that is to lose one’s mind and come back to one’s senses…..

The mad,sad,scared.gladness of the wonderousness of our instinctual beinghood.

More about that later……


Welcome to the Aquarian soul journey!!

As we have claimed our  integrity and sovereignty during the journey of Capricorn….In Aquarius we embody that journey and we must follow the beat of our own hearts!  Aquarians hold precious and value highly their friends and connections with groups in the interest of creating healthy community for all. It really is the sign of brotherly love…Aquarius wants everyone to have sovereignty and lives of dignity and integrity…..sometimes at the expense of peace and harmony…for this reason Aquarius is sometimes called the benevolent  dictator….however Aquarian intelligence and respect for peace and understanding allows them to be reasoned with!  War is averted at all costs!! ….Perhaps Mr.Spock of Star Trek fame is an Aquarian!!

December 21st-Jan 21st the sun moves through Capricorn

The quote Love After Love evokes the journey of Capricorn—-

A journey that requires integrity,solid sense of self,as in a strong structure with a solid foundation.

Solitude and valuing the freedom of meandering time or even working by oneself allows the unfolding of deep appreciation of who we are. Thus,falling in love with oneself and life itself is a requisite that supports relationships…And healthy,sexy,sweet love with another!

In Capricorn,we learn to meet our needs so that being with others or one other is out of wanting,rather than out of needing.

It is the ultimate journey of self dominion and sovereignty…..

 A quote about being at peace with one’s self…

Love After Love– Unknown Author

The time will come when with elation

you’ll greet yourself arriving at your own door

in your own mirror.

And each will smile at the others welcome and say “Sit here, eat!”

You’ll love again the stranger who was yourself

Give wine, Give bread

Give back your heart to yourself

to the stranger who has loved you all your life

Who you have ignored for another

who knows you by heart–

Take down the love letters from the bookshelf

the photographs, the desperate notes,

peel your own image from the mirror

Sit, Feast– on your life!

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Life is an endless fascination…

A curious journey filled with wonder and mystery…

Astrology is a tool that can unfold that mystery and support your journey!

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