Full Moon 19 Degrees Taurus

The sensuous seeking of pleasures

The sensitive seeking of safety and security.

Money as a means to that end.

Our core values and self esteem emerge through our actions in relationships concerning finance, money and integrity.

The influence of the Sun in Scorpio opposing the Moon in Taurus can form a tension that could serve to redirect the seeking of peace, pleasure, safety and security by its inherent need to expose truths as a way of maintaining power and full command of itself.

This Full Moon in Taurus opposing the Sun in Scorpio imbues us collectively with a moment of sweet and sour, sugary spice sensuality by fostering moments of dead seriousness or serious funny.

Mind you, Mercury is still Retrograde until the 21st, Uranus is still moving through Taurus while Saturn and Pluto are coming closer and closer in orb towards being conjunct in Capricorn, an event expected to happen shortly in January 2020.

These influences might all be serving as a means to slow us down, to allow us to get closer to the heart of what really matters to us through our lives on many levels.

To become aware of what truly nourishes us.

What is sensuous and sweet within ourselves and in our lives that we take in, digest, assimilate and eliminate. That is true power right there.

This Full Moon could be a bright yet hazy moment of revelation to further your projects, wishes and goals towards focus for further distillation into the elixir needed for transformation and growth.

This critical mass moment of excitement and energy is the time to be aware of what it is you are in the midst of manifesting or what you are needing in order to manifest it.

It could also be the moment of clarity that brings to your awareness what it is you are yearning for.

Breathe in and breathe out.

To be in the moment is to be in your utmost point of power.

Then trust in your process and watch it grow.

The birthing of your own being as this Scorpio Season closes and as the adventures and journey of the Season of Sagittarius begins to unfold.

Published by pjlivingsolutions

From knowledge and understanding comes the clarity that supports the integration of Self and Soul. It is with insatiable curiosity that I wonder about so many aspects of being alive and fully present here on planet Earth. I love studying the phenomena of Volcanoes, Earthquakes, weather patterns, the oceans and the formation of mountains. All this along with the awareness of Outer Space. The worlds beyond our Earth. I am in unquenchable awe about our galaxy and the galactic phenomena that surrounds our galaxy. I mean, how did we get here?!?! The IS-ness of it all is quite mind-blowing to me. And then there is Astrology. Yes, astrology defined, “ is a pseudoscience that claims to divine information about human affairs and terrestrial events by studying the movements and relative positions of celestial objects.” Astrology nourishes our imagination. It connects us to the creative, non linear side of our brain. Our intuition and heart to our mind. The awareness that we vibrate through the electromagnetic elements contained in our own bodies along with the electromagnetic elements of the celestial bodies, aka the planets. It’s with intuitive psychic understanding as well as my studies in psychotherapy and the healing arts that I bring to astrology consultations. It is my deep desire to serve and help folks realize their full potential through the map of the soul, the astrology chart. It is from knowledge and understanding comes the clarity that supports the integration of self and soul. And that is a sexy way of being fully embodied, fulfilled and being alive at this magnificent moment in time.

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