Mercury Moving Forward & New Moon in Aries

Flaming and  glowing with a fiery rebirth at last as Mercury goes direct in early Aries and the Moon begins her waxing cycle in Aries. A time of new beginnings, facing challenges with vigor and positive energy along with the courage to move forward. A word to the wise, that taking deep breaths and stayingContinue reading “Mercury Moving Forward & New Moon in Aries”

The Fearless Power Vitality and Spirit Of Mars

Being the fiery planet that conducts our vitality, energy and life force I see Mars, as a bright red luscious experience daring to be alive even in the face of adversity and the dark and gloomy pall of death…. ”Everybody dies, but not everyone lives.” I am not sure who I am quoting but itContinue reading “The Fearless Power Vitality and Spirit Of Mars”

Moving Forward Through The Oceanic Underwater Neptunian Currents

Forever turning over and through the elemental flow of the power of water. Invariably marking the eternal cycle of change…. Neptune, the solvent of the Zodiac. The ruler of Pisces….the constant ebb and flow of the contraction and expansion of the moving current as it is perceived. Perpetually marking in its eternally slow motion wayContinue reading “Moving Forward Through The Oceanic Underwater Neptunian Currents”

The Power Of Self Awareness and Boundaries

I won’t! Two little words that hold the key to the establishment of boundaries and sacred space. Stating out loud or even to ones self evokes the presence of aliveness and Qi is restored…. Even if laws prohibit sexual harassment, until people who are vulnerable to such things can with conviction state, “No I won’tContinue reading “The Power Of Self Awareness and Boundaries”