Rhythmic Rituals Based On Reality

The Madonna nurturing the newborn, attuning to the instinctual needs of her baby and her own along with adapting to the necessities of the Present Moment. While being attuned into a rhythmic set of daily rituals that becomes a consistent safe space. Both mother and child growing and learning so to embody the precious andContinue reading “Rhythmic Rituals Based On Reality”

December Notes On The Winter Solstice

No matter how matter of factly I would like to be about December it never fails to be a month where certain aspects of life disappear. Making it a lonely place of solitude. Albeit a warming place of reintegration and self reclamation. Life and daily connections seem to get suspended. Would it not be aContinue reading “December Notes On The Winter Solstice”

Movement Forward Inspired By Sagittarius New Moon

The moment of this dark moon as the Moon itself begins once again it’s cycle of increased light and presence is imbued with an energized link to well being as a sense of faith in one’s journey is sensed with the ebullient jovial Sagittarius flame. Please be aware that this New Moon is colored withContinue reading “Movement Forward Inspired By Sagittarius New Moon”

Revitalization of Health ; Pluto Transiting Squares N-Mars

Trusting. Present centering. Transcendent surrender towards stabilizing right livelihood and balancing. When money and career choices to be dealt with seem to be knocked down by health issues that requires resources attained through money in order to restore balance and a consistent good healthy diet and exercise. Plutonian energy seems to have intervened. In theContinue reading “Revitalization of Health ; Pluto Transiting Squares N-Mars”

Reflections; Sun Moving Thru Scorpio

Something so life affirming, powerful and enjoyable when the sexy mysticism of sweet desire and seduction is a nuanced scent in the air. Something so delicious, fun and enjoyable when the passions of Scorpio find their expression via flirtation. The flickering of secretive desires coming into fruition as only Scorpio requires. This is the giftContinue reading “Reflections; Sun Moving Thru Scorpio”

Post Full Moon Orgasm Week

Happy Sunday, July 29, 2018 A new week beginning within a waning Moon phase….. It is time to observe how the powerfully climactic energy of last weeks Full Moon phase has transformed the fruits of our well set intentions. It is time to become aware of the subtle and nuanced harvest of manifestations set beforeContinue reading “Post Full Moon Orgasm Week”

FullMoon/ Lunar Eclipse In Aquarius

This configuration marks the deep possibility and fulfillment of  a creative, innovative moment in time supporting and bringing forth the voices and wisdom of humanity to reverse the current manifestation of a reversed humanity as we bear witness to a dire, deranged chaotic topsey turvey spiral downwards. All this mastered into being by folks whoContinue reading “FullMoon/ Lunar Eclipse In Aquarius”

New Moon✨☺️✨Solar Eclipse

The words from the music of the band Yes resonate succinctly, at this moment in time, “the strength of the moment lies with you”.  I am thinking of the Cardinal qualities of the Cancer New Moon and the Sun in Cancer. Nurturing, seeking comfort and stability of ones Self is one of the many suggestedContinue reading “New Moon✨☺️✨Solar Eclipse”

The Mindful Possibility Marches On

The experience of tensions mounting as the wheels of creativity, crafting of ideas and realistically executing them are put into motion. Earth/Virgo Moon and Air/ Sun in Gemini learning to take clues from each other’s frictional impulses. If these felt senses are heeded accurately enough through a focused intuitive motivated intention….miraculous yet simple solid structuresContinue reading “The Mindful Possibility Marches On”

New Moon in Taurus

Once the Aries warring nature has conquered conflict and reestablished individuation, well then Venus which rules the sign Taurus invites itself to a calm peaceful resting place of delight and sensual pleasure. Seeking nourishment and the sweet validation that life is good. Life is really good when money is consistently present. It serves to ground,Continue reading “New Moon in Taurus”