Welcome to the Aquarian soul journey!! As we have claimed our  integrity and sovereignty during the journey of Capricorn….In Aquarius we embody that journey and we must follow the beat of our own hearts!  Aquarians hold precious and value highly their friends and connections with groups in the interest of creating healthy community for all.Continue reading ““I WILL BE SANE! EVEN IF EVERYONE THINKS I”M CRAZY!””

December 21st-Jan 21st the sun moves through Capricorn

The quote Love After Love evokes the journey of Capricorn—- A journey that requires integrity,solid sense of self,as in a strong structure with a solid foundation. Solitude and valuing the freedom of meandering time or even working by oneself allows the unfolding of deep appreciation of who we are. Thus,falling in love with oneself andContinue reading “December 21st-Jan 21st the sun moves through Capricorn”

 A quote about being at peace with one’s self…

Love After Love– Unknown Author The time will come when with elation you’ll greet yourself arriving at your own door in your own mirror. And each will smile at the others welcome and say “Sit here, eat!” You’ll love again the stranger who was yourself Give wine, Give bread Give back your heart to yourselfContinue reading ” A quote about being at peace with one’s self…”

Astrology Readings

Life is an endless fascination… A curious journey filled with wonder and mystery… Astrology is a tool that can unfold that mystery and support your journey! Pamela Joy is a seasoned, gifted and deeply intuitive astrologer and life management coach. Let Pamela Joy help unfold your mysteries and create effective lifestyle solutions. Call 212-475-1906 or e-mail pjlivingsolutions@gmail.comContinue reading “Astrology Readings”