New Moon in Cancer 7/9/21

The New Moon in Cancer happening 7/9/21, is when the Sun, the energizer of accomplishments is conjunct the Moon, the essential energetic key that motivates the Sun. Transiting through the sign Cancer.

Cancer is the sign the Moon rules in the first place. Hear now, within the misty midst of it all, there is an amazing story about to unfold….

Its your own inner awareness of your own empowerment about to reveal to you your own inner purpose.

So let us begin.

The Moon is the planet closest to the Earth and closest to the heart of our Soul. The sign Cancer is a Cardinal sign, a leading, primary energy with its own powerful penchant towards taking action when needed.

This New Moon is a needed and necessary New beginning. The resource of this New Moon in Cancer is that we get to begin again by renewing and refreshing ourselves in the oceanic wondrous waters of the nurturing Cancer womb held within the seductive lullaby of a well supported relaxed presence.

This is further expressed and must be celebrated as the harmonic energy of the Trine to Neptune in Pisces is formed along with a sextile to Uranus in Taurus. By its nature the sextile is a creative sparkly inspiration. The triggering of innovative ideas and notions can be the result of such a combo. Concepts become expressed in ways that perhaps long ago had made no sense. Now fully relevant and obvious in meaning and solution. So simple as if we all always knew these new concepts all along.

There are two more points to make note of this New Moon. The dynamic of growth and healing is an eternal part of the journey here on “Earth School”. It is so that even at this very moment there is so much to learn and understand. So much so that this New Moon in Cancer also is forming a T-square. That being the square angle formed by Venus and Mars 15 and 17 degrees Leo which opposes Saturn at 11 degrees Aquarius. This opposition forms the square to Uranus 14 degrees Taurus.

All this to say that something within each of us is ultimately moving towards creative expression even through the confines of contradictory needs, wants and desires. Even as they are creating frustrations, friction and obstacles. These are the growing pains that actually lead us to breakthroughs. This is the part of the journey whereupon the long awaited light at the end of the quest shall soon start to appear.

What does that light look like in your life?

New Moon in Cancer through the signs;

Aries; there is a creative stress that gets triggered when two Cardinal signs are activated. As is the case at this New Moon in Cancer lending itself to be a good moment to clarify the most important objectives to be accomplished within the next 6 months.

Taurus; take this moment to see what matters to you most, the growth of a will and strong sense of self or the need to focus your time and energy on partnership. Both romantic, marriage and/or business or both.

Gemini; mutable, flexible and insatiably curious Gemini is delightfully fascinated at this relaxed yet very poignantly pregnant moment filled with a myriad of possibilities. An endless array of choices and options opens before you. At such a relaxed time, why not try everything on just for the fun and play of it all.

Cancer ~ Happy Birthday to you! This is your time to shine. Upon your perfectly pretty seashell, attended by graces. You have earned your commensurate “pooped button”. Having successfully emerged from the depths of some profoundly rough sea. Wear the newly presented Pearls of Wisdom you have gleaned so well as time and your life continues to unfold.

Leo; this moment marks a conflict between your adamant need for freedom and coming to terms with growing a will based on your inner sense of integrity. The courage to “dream the impossible dream” is the theme for you moving forward. Take heart, you still get to play and do it all in your own unique way.

Virgo; there is a continued sense of expansion in your consciousness that carries over into the mundane practical workings of reality and the basic mechanics of living. As you are usually ruled by the logical flow of the ordinary, this particular New Moon in Cancer beckons you towards an avante garde turn and twist of the screw. Serving to ultimately sharpen and refocus your world view.

Libra; loves Cardinal energy, more than life itself. So this New Moon in Cancer works very well in the Libra/Venus playbook. This is a time to take a break, take a spa day. Indulge in all the glories that July has to offer. Then from this place of renewed health and beauty your focus and direction becomes clear. Follow the flow, on your merry way!

Scorpio; a bit of stress and release since Scorpio is the sign that has the power to resolve the T-square so sweetly constellated by Mars/Venus in Leo in opposition to Saturn in Aquarius. So masterfully brought to its proverbial “knees” via Uranus in Taurus. That’s a whole lot of serious growth going on. It’s also the kind of character building that is part of the Scorpio’s evolutionary process.

Sagittarius; this New Moon in Cancer is about being receptive to the articulations and communications that are needing to be heard. Amidst the subtle nuance of day to day mundane reality as it unfolds each moment, there is a new voice of compassion, understanding and humanity that wants to be told. Sagittarius has a unique capacity to listen and learn as the Nodal Axis in Gemini/Sagittarius continues to transit your sign. Stop, look and listen! Then write your book.

Capricorn; still rocking and rolling trying to shake loose old outmoded systems that are no longer relevant or viable. It’s happening. It’s unraveling. So your integrity, discipline and perseverance must be tempered with foresight, clarity, mercy and compassion. To allow and enable the truth to set you free.

Aquarius; in the heart of the T-square with no real space to breathe and move around in. It’s a good moment to follow your soulful impulse, take out your keyboard and just play and sing. Play the music and the song that runs so deep it sets free what spirits need to be heard. Let your heart sing it out or it will eat you alive. Not an option. Time to come back home to your soul, mind and healthy body. Use the month of July to heal and bring yourself back into balance. Happy Summer!

Pisces; the concept of hanging out at the beach and building sandcastles in the sand is a definite way to go. This New Moon in Cancer is a needed moment of rest and relaxation as Jupiter and Neptune continue to transit your sign. July and the Cancer New Moon is needing you to beguile them with your wondrously cosmic poetry of a reality that thrives in a land of mercy, compassion, gratitude and magical gardens filled with the clear clean scent of a healthy planet Earth.


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