This Moment And Then Some

The Full Moon 1 degree 26 Minutes In Aquarius

The Full Moon by its very nature is a brightly lit moment of culmination and completion. The cycle having begun two weeks ago when the Sun and Moon formed a conjunction while in the season of Cancer. So began the waxing cycle of energy towards fullness. In the past two weeks of its becoming phase, we have witnessed the Moon grow in brightness to its peak moment of full illumination.

The moment of completion has come and gone. And here we are, held within the beauty and grace of this powerful moment. With the energy of Aquarius in all of its innovative distinction. Aquarius and its Uranian influence is carving out a path towards truth, love and understanding.

There is a deeper urgent calling at this existential moment in time. A dire need for a complete revamping of corrupted and criminal systems that we need to replace with new ways and means. With systems and structures that consider the needs, wants and desires of all people.


To establish new flexible systems and structures that hold as precedence honor, respect and integrity at the heart of its foundation. Desperately needed is a vast and deep respect for evidenced base science and reality. We must insure that we shall keep moving forward towards a sustainable planet.

The power of planetary movements and positions as we continue on through time is helping us to let go of ego oriented narcissistically motivated ways and means. Divorced from reality, we are living in an existential climate crisis that begs itself to be transformed for our very own survival.

This Full Moon in Aquarius heralds in ideas and actions that supports a new, vital and necessary paradigm shift. A paradigm that honors with esteemed regard the need for a sustainable planet Earth that sustains a thriving culture of life for the living. Containing all of its stories of varied shapes, colors, sizes and predilections.

Still and all this moment sounds the dissonant yet soulful chord for humanity to become gloriously humanized. This Full Moon is a paradigm shifting moment that marks a new and evolutionary juncture. I believe and truly would like to affirm that this Full Moon in Aquarius marks a significant growth point of no return.

To learn to trust the process of life as we continue to be gifted with the extraordinary awareness found through the power of knowing without doubt that endings are actually new beginnings. And lo and behold, here we are.

These poetic cacophonous rumblings within our lives as they shatter old habits and patterns actually are serving as the Maestro who is orchestrating the cryptic choreography that soon shall mark the lifting of the veil.

Some of the influences coloring the energy of this moment are the Sun at 2 degrees Leo in opposition to Saturn at 10 degrees Aquarius. Saturn in Aquarius is in conjunction with the Moon in Aquarius.

Pluto at 25 degrees Capricorn is joining the party conjunct Saturn. Offering just the perfect amount of stress, challenge and frustration to ultimately create the proper amount of crumbled delusions. It could be just the thing to hasten the needed awakening. The required growth processes to facilitate devising systems that become viable solution.

A do or die kind of thing.

Furthermore, Aquarian energy which is here to stay, serves to open our awareness to the depth and breath of issues hidden in plain sight. Such as how corrupted and ineffective “status quo” structures are. It is a healthy thing for people to become mindful of how our institutions have not been functioning like the working democratic systems that we need. We need functionally relevant good working systems in order to maintain health and balance for all people. The Saturn /Uranus square along with the electromagnetic influence of the culminating Full Moon in Aquarius is stimulating the lifting of the veil.

Take heart my dear readers, for it’s significant to note that we also have an activation of mercy, compassion and the creative ardor and oomph of the Leo Sun which is conjunct Mercury in Cancer. This provides some relaxing and gentle guidance. Guidance and awareness brought to us by sensations of feelings generated within our heart and soul.

When we are aware of our feelings and needs we have access to the guidance needed that supports life, health and well being. Mercury in Cancer makes available the transmission of our feelings to our minds.

The thoughts and ideas formed in our minds, having been accurately identified in terms of what the feelings are is where sensible and profound guidance is found.

When we allow ourselves to come back to ourselves and be, we become centered within ourselves in the present moment. It’s in present time where we are able to return to peaceful mind. Being centered within ourselves in present time returns our being to the heart of mercy. This is the inner technological path that supports us to just get out of our own way.

There are two more elements at work at this time that can serve to take the edge off. The early two degree Leo Sun is forming a trine to late 22 degrees Neptune in Pisces now stationed retrograde. This gifts us with needed compassion and the desire to luxuriate in creative self expression. Imbuing our experience with moments of fun and joy.

This along with the Moon in Aquarius forming a trine to the North Node in Gemini brings forth the ability to perceive our lives right now as a learning adventure.

So upward and onward I dare you all to go.

Stay connected and become aware of the truth and integrity contained within your very bones. Let us continue on. Let us revel in the extraordinary magic of an ordinary adventure that this amazing moment in time has to offer.

Adventure through the signs ~

Aries ~ this is a very harmonious moment for Aries with the trine formed to the Leo Sun and the sextile to the Moon in Aquarius. Bright, vibrant, sexy and creative. So don’t you pay no never-mind to Chiron gone retrograde 12 degrees in your sign. Use the awareness of that vulnerability to become mindful of what too often gets taken for granted. Own your strength from a flexible place of humility.

Taurus ~ Hang loose, easy and comfortable even as your energy is being buzzed in such a fascinating way. The gift of this moment lands right on your front door inspiring you to continue to question familiar habits and patterns. Perhaps the quote from David Byrne of Talking Heads, “how did I get here?” comes to mind. It’s a profound moment for you to let go and try some new relevant ideas and concepts on for size. Speaking of which, a good time to clean out your closets and drawers of all matters and thingitudes that could be blocking your Qi from flowing easily and with health and flourishing prosperity.

Gemini ~ Enjoy this moment as you would a beautiful day at the beach. Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius are good friend of yours. Aquarius trines you and Leo sextile’s. What with the Nodal Axis moving through the dynamic of your sign so that even a day at the beach does not let anyone ever forget you.

Cancer ~ Here we are, held within the warm, relaxed glorious days of Summer. Just give yourself this brief moment in time to surrender to your paradise of dreams and meanderings of bliss. It will serve to nourish and restore you back to the energy and vibrancy that you love to operate in.

Leo ~ Happy Birthday! The lovable Leo season of fun, joy and delight is upon us. Breathe and focus on manifesting your hearts desires as your new Solar year unfolds. As the Leo season evolves there will be many opportunities coming your way. The object is to allow yourself to be cognizant of what is of relevance and value to your life now. What would you wish your life to look like one year from now?

Virgo ~ A particularly powerful theme of love, partnership and connectivity at this time. What with planet Venus at 3 degrees Virgo and Mars conjunct at 26 degrees Leo. All this forming a powerful opposition to Jupiter stationed Retrograde at 0 degrees Pisces. This powerful configuration to your Sun in Virgo could play itself out via cosmic mysterious expanded consciousness. The kind of visions, feelings and thoughts that reassure you that your inner fulfillment is beginning to come to fruition. A beautiful time to enjoy the love. So make time for it.

Libra ~ Time to play and have fun. Libra does well during Leo season. It’s a time that jives with your love of people and social interactions within the warm glow of this beautiful interval. Be mindful that Chiron, albeit stationed Retrograde in Aries opposing your Sun might imbue some of your delightful joy with brief moments of vulnerability. Use these sentiments as moments to explore the inner workings of your own psyche. No worries, just part of the journey of life.

Scorpio ~ Perhaps being played a bit by Uranus in Taurus opposing your Sun. The inner detective contained within the complex triple evolutionary cycles of your sign, actually relish and take great delight in all of this. A mystery to unfold. An unraveling to behold. Enjoy the smorgasbord of paradoxical complexities to feast on at this most adventurous time.

Sagittarius ~ It’s a moment of excitement for you whenever we hit the Leo season. There is an extra added helping of expanded consciousness that can support healing any part of your life now that may very well be in need of it. There is so much truth becoming clear during this juncture for you. Do take some quiet inward moments. Opportunities for you to take notes. Perhaps think about writing a book or teaching a class. It is a natural inclination for you to share the wisdom of your experiences and adventures.

Capricorn ~ Still in the heart of this grand transitional moment, what with the powerfully intense Pluto taking it’s sweet slow journey through your sign. It brings to my mind the old cliche, “it ain’t over until the fat lady sings”. I hear the vocalizing and the composing of the grand finale that has us all singing. Oops, I beg your pardon as I digress. My dear Capricorn friends, use this magnificent moment to take a relaxing walk on the beach or to hike that mountain you so lust after. Even with all of the delays, disruptions and trespasses the best is yet to come. So hang in there and keep going one glorious step at a time.

Aquarius ~ A moment of validation and energy well spent is upon you. This particular moment calls upon the depth of your wisdom as it connects with the heart of your creative, loving spirit. Health and well being seem so elusive but they are not. There is within your psyche a depth of intelligences tempered by your voracious curiosity. Use this powerful moment of transition and transformation to dig deep within yourself. While at the same time remember to beautify, pamper and care for your body. Aquarius revels in being charismatic and beautiful. Enjoy this moment as you evoke all the sacred directions of life.

Pisces ~ “Sugar and spicethat’s what comes to my mind for Pisces at this moment. In light of Planet Neptune being in late Pisces forming a trine to Mercury in Cancer. Evoking wisdom and communication concerning matters of psyche and soul. Then Jupiter retrograde at zero degrees Pisces. Forming a square aspect to Mars in Leo, 26 degrees conjunct Venus at 3 degrees Virgo. Learning lessons concerning love, relationship, boundaries and the finer things in life. Wants, needs and desires can be a confusing bunch of matters for Pisces who struggles with entitlement issues. Particularly when there is an abundance of confusion often needing clarity about too high and/or too low self esteem. A fecund and fertile time of self reclamation via bone chilling honest self awareness. Remember to breathe snd be fully present with the precious miracle that is your life.

That then there just about raps it up for now.

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Enjoy the powerful adventure of your amazing life! 🌕



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