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Reflections; Sun Moving Thru Scorpio

October 29, 2018
Astrology Beyond The Sky

Something so life affirming, powerful and enjoyable when the sexy mysticism of sweet desire and seduction is a nuanced scent in the air.

Something so delicious, fun and enjoyable when the passions of Scorpio find their expression via flirtation. The flickering of secretive desires coming into fruition as only Scorpio requires.

This is the gift Scorpio offers to balance the depth and the dive into darkness as change and transformation is forced upon us.

Scorpio does not beckon, Scorpio just does its thing…..

So to enjoy the seductive stirrings of sexual desires as we smack, smooch & smolder away just as the Phoenix does as it makes the change.

Freeing itself from what it was fleeing itself from; flying up out of it’s own embers of its own metamorphosing fires.

The threefold journey of Scorpio, the Elegant Honesty of the Eagle and the Mystical Magic of the Eternal Soul as illumined by the enduring miracle of the flight of the Phoenix teaching those who are attuned.

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