Bright New Beginnings/ Letting Go To Keep On Going


December 4th, 2021

A New Moon heralds a new beginning. Turning over a new leaf. Formulating a new intention to motivate us to create the kind of life we want to generate as we keep moving forward.

The meaning of this New Moon/Solar Eclipse is clarified by the position of the Sun/Moon conjunction to the South Node in Sagittarius.

The South Node is about release along with assimilation. We can best benefit from this energetically charged moment through pondering our past experiences. What brought us to where we are in our lives now? What projects and experiences come easy and work for us? At the same time it is necessary and helpful to release and eliminate the rubbish, junk and waste that no longer serves. Consequently, this New Moon Solar Eclipse is a cleansing, clearing out time. A process of letting go so we may continue to work through and continue on.

We have a chance to rest in a reflective moment where it is good and useful to consider where we’ve been. What events in our lives have brought us to this moment?

What in our lives and the way in which we live remains useful and supportive to us?

What have we learned about ourselves in relationship to others and who we are in the world around us?

These questions are helpful to reflect on at this time. It’s the territory that comes with the energy of the Sagittarius New Moon. Sagittarius seeks the meaning of the journey. To make it worthwhile it’s useful to know what it means to us.

With this New Moon/ Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius we are transitioning from the Gemini/Sagittarius Nodal Axis to the Taurus/Scorpio Nodal Axis. This occurs on January 18, 2022. It will be a Venus/Pluto influenced bit of time. An intensified seeking of balance that occurs through the energies of discord and transformation. That’s the Pluto/Mars part of the equation.

North Node in Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus. Need we say more? Of course we must! The focus of our awareness throughout that time will be to emphasize our experiences of beauty, balance, harmony and money. That is, the way in which we value these things in relationship to how it impacts our self esteem and stability.

South Node in Scorpio ruled by Pluto and traditionally Mars strikes an emerging almost dissonant yet pleasing harmony. A sort of noire influenced yin/yang balance as we continue on. Like a peaceful walk through the woods on a somber yet somewhat cozy day.

In the midst of shared stress, during these transformative tumultuous times that we are living through, there is a desire to connect with the earthy and tangible. To foster the need to find balance and stability, which is a healthy impulse. This is beckoning to us through the energies of the Taurus/Scorpio transit of the Nodal cycle.

Our values around money and the exchange of resources, goods and services being highlighted.

In essence there is an interest to become aware of our inner value systems and the value systems we share with others. Uranus in Taurus opens our minds further towards innovative ideas about such things. At the same time releasing, in no uncertain terms, that which is no longer needed. This inspired through the influence of the South Node in Scorpio with Pluto as its ruler. There is a significant inspiration towards transformation and letting go.

With Pluto in its final stages of transiting through Capricorn, the Taurus/Scorpio Nodal axis is truly just the right kind of energy needed. It serves as the essential catalytic component to induce the transitions and transformations required. Serving to continue to expose and demolish obsolete antiquated structures that stagnate life. To then open the space for life affirming modifications and beneficial adaptive ways and means to emerge. Relevant sustainable structures that coincide beautifully with healthy communities.

The New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius that occurred on December 4, 2021 breeds the hope, faith and enthusiasm we need. The optimism and energy that’s been lacking for a long time. Here we are!

With Mercury at 17 degrees Sagittarius we have the ability to be informed about the nature of what we must be clearing out snd letting go of.

We must allow ourselves to release the gunk and junk that is toxic and that we no longer need. We must release and clear it out. Then we have the wherewithal to make conscious empowered choices. Then we have the clarity to see the concepts, values and assumptions that no longer make any sense in our lives. Then we can release without question, knowing it’s a good thing to let go of.

This gives us clear, delicious psychic air to breathe, along with functioning vitality. We can find ourselves with the livable space needed to rethink our life, if need be. Continuing on finding relevant ways to live our lives. Empowered with integrity and greater clarity. I am describing some of the components of Sagittarius. Sagittarius loves to take journeys and travel. So this moment is an invitation to breathe and be fully present. This is an energized serendipitous moment. A time to learn from new experiences that await your divine exploration.

This Solar Eclipse/ New Moon in Sagittarius heralds an ending that opens to a new beginning, inspired by a creative set of motivations. Set your intentions based on your brightest wishes, dreams and desires. Continue on while being reassured, hopeful and optimistic as we create the changes needed to insure our well deserved movement forward in health, vitality, prosperity and peace.

Are you ready? Upward and onward we go!

Aim towards your inner most desire

~ This moment through the signs ~

Aries ~ A most inspiring moment for Aries. A time of colorful creativity and mental energy. Be mindful and aware of caring for your head, mind and body as Chiron transits through Aries. There is a soft energy for you to revel in during this season, unfamiliar to your Aries nature. A different kind of experience.

Taurus ~ Enjoy this dynamic Solar Eclipse! It’s the finale of a cycle as the Nodal position transits into your sign. The year ahead will be filled with new ideas and ways of thinking. So do remember to also take the time to breathe and relax. Uranus is still transiting through Taurus and forming an angle to your Sun. Still and all, that could be good for any project that requires your undivided attention. It’s always good to have passion for something, just make sure you come up for air and reality. Always a good place to be for grounding and centering.

Gemini ~ At the last gasp of the Nodal Axis in your sign, gather all that you have learned. Then find a way to share and express it. For the most part, use this moment as a time to revel in your curious nature as you keep on exploring.

Cancer ~ A time to take stock of what is of value to you. To really see and feel what and who you trust. To acknowledge where your stability lies, There might be some opposition from others but that’s all part of the testing that ultimately helps you clarify what you are really about. Not to worry, this too shall pass.

Leo ~ It’s an interesting moment to be you. Albeit, perhaps much more mellow than you would have it. Take heart, dear Leo friend, the best is yet to come.

Virgo ~ There is a practicality that you can bring to this highly charged moment of transformation and spiritual growth. This benefits your own life as well as others.

Libra ~ Perhaps you might be taking on too much of others pain as Chiron in Aries is in opposition to your sign. Remember to find the balance between being there for others and taking the time to care for yourself. There is the possibility of finding a new innovative path to your work.

Scorpio ~ This is the moment of bliss and fascinating developments concerning relationships. There is a sweetness to the power, strength and compassion you are capable of now. A bit of sexy elegance never hurt anybody.

Capricorn ~ By way of your somber sobriety you manage to shake things up. The natural “chief executive” air that you exude serves you the best when you are using it in the interest of serving others. Ever ambitious as you are to rise to the top of whatever situation you are in, many opportunities will come your way as time progresses for you to do so. Integrity, discipline and perseverance is you. Keep on.

Sagittarius ~ 🎶Happy Birthday to you! 🎶This year your journey is to be acknowledged with the affirmation that the year ahead is filled with all that your heart desires! And well that it should be as you keep on moving forward. Even in chaos your vibrant optimism and exuberant enthusiasm carries you wherever you need to be. So keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on….🎶

Aquarius ~ What is it that folks find so unlikeable about Aquarian energy? Being misunderstood is not easy! Could it be the stress and tension of the Uranus/Taurus square to Saturn/Aquarius? Could it be that just an itty bitty wee bit of some shakin’ things up enough is so off putting? What’s not to love and respect about opening the way for some new understanding to emerge? What’s not to like about peace, love and understanding? Particularly when here we are in a world that more than ever is crying out for humanity to really be dignified and humane. In many ways the Aquarian energy is being evoked through the bravery and perseverance of folks that are compatible with Aquarian ideals. Just watch how thru the variance of disharmony there flows some ripples of awesome brilliance. The best is yet to come. 🎶 You had better believe it.

🎵“It ain’t easy being green.” 🎶

Pisces ~ Last but absolutely never least! This moment works so well for your cosmic sensibility, in a subtle yet somewhat centered and grounded way. The Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius freed you of so many unwanted assumptions and delusions. The slate is cleansed for you to continue on, even while your life and the world around you is desperately needing you to make logical sense of the non linear cosmic consciousness that is the key to your creative Soul. Lessons on Earth School can be a positive experience even if it feels a bit stressful and inconvenient at times.

I hope you all find my musings both helpful, insightful and fun.

For a deeper dive into your astrological map, please contact me, Pamela via email;

Happy New Moon/ Solar Eclipse



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