Day Of Peace As The Storm Cycles Through

There was a Full Moon In Aquarius 8/22/21 at 8:02 AM EDST 29 Degrees. Albeit the exact moment of the Sun/Moon opposition has passed at the time of this publishing. However, we are still in the energy field of the Full Moon. Particularly since this has been a Blue Moon in Aquarius.

Water Bearer

Blue Moon, kind of sounds like a song of long ago.

This Blue Moon in Aquarius at 29 Degrees marks the end that opens the door to adventure. This is brought to us by the conjunction Jupiter in Aquarius forms to the Moon. This powerful conjunction animates the Aquarian “outside the box” kind of thinking. Aquarian energy allows us to perceive thoughts and ideas in unthought of ways. This serves to change our point of view. A view that expands our understanding of our experience of being alive.

Can you imagine feeling a tingly glow through the experience of your aliveness? Just take some time to breathe into this moment. See, know and experience what you feel. Be present with the awareness that no matter what you are feeling the glow of your being outshines every star. Sounds like another song!

On a clear day

Still and all, this culminating cycle of the Moon plays out the continued friction caused by the square to Uranus in Taurus. Tension put on our collective systems and structures no longer relevant to the world we are currently inhabiting continue to reverberate. The push/pull of this dynamic shall be part of our journey for a while longer as Saturn in Aquarius is in square angle to Uranus in Taurus through this year into 2022. While Pluto remains in Capricorn until 2024.

Squares that form challenging transits and aspects are invitations to become aware of issues in order to support growth, freedom and empowerment. NOT to create more suffering. Such is the case at this moment as it has been for quite some time.

Where in your life do you feel challenged? How are you taking care of yourself in light of the matters being brought up? Let yourself take a deep breath in and on the exhale feel into how you are transforming your knowledge and awareness into wisdom because of this. By doing so, you are receiving a gift that comes when you take responsibility for your life. It’s actually a good feeling that can prove to be liberating as you continue on.

As of 4:20 PM EDST 8/22/21

Saturn in Aquarius continues to be influenced by the square formed to Uranus in Taurus. The continuing saga of the 2021 theme sings on as it opens the door ever more widely on the necessary and desired need to be open to breaking free from the status quo. To unlock your instinctual desire for fresh creative original and expansive outlooks.

We have a Grand Earth Trine ~ It’s a harmonious influence of the interplay of Pluto in Capricorn ~Trine Uranus in Taurus ~ Trine Mars/Mercury conjunct in Virgo.

Transformations triggered by Pluto in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus can be brought into healthy practical dialogue. Communications being stimulated through the Mercury/Mars conjunction in Virgo as we are in heavy retrograde territory now.

It’s this energy that is influencing media and how we take in information, or not. It’s fascinating that on alternative news media there is a questioning of WTF were we doing going to war with Afghanistan anyway? That’s the outer planets influencing and stimulating the dire need to talk about the point of view that must examine motivations and actions. Actions and policies that were not agreed upon by many. That brought about even more needless destruction and suffering with far greater negative consequences for all countries and all the people involved.

The trine of these significant outer planets with two powerful personal planets fosters these necessary questions of great magnitude. This moment is the time to speak up and talk about it from a place of compassionate inquiry.

Looking at the demolition inspired by the Plutonian impulse is a necessary prerequisite to be open and ready to await the planting of the seed of the new. The Uranian impulse. The seeding of a relevant understanding that supports formulating new systems based on our sensible awareness. Looking through the lens of Earthy integrity at consequences as revealed through the lens of evidenced base reality allows us to form new ways of moving forward. This Earthy Grand Trine could serve as the doorway through.

Albeit, on mainstream media the talking point is to get the troops back into Afghanistan. As Neptune in Pisces which can unnecessarily promote the fog of war in opposition to Mercury/ Mars conjunct in Virgo fosters the other side of the story. The Grand Earth Trine encourages the substantive questions of this moment to be discussed. Openly on mainstream and alternative media these conflicts of thought and reason must be discussed.

Not to see which point of view dominates, but rather to encourage there to be a needed permitting of thoughtful and respectful dialogue of the two opposing views. I hope this moment opens the door to transparent communications at last for all sides and points of view to talk to each other. I believe that is a good thing to emerge from all the squares, oppositions, agita and suffering of the past twenty years or even more.

Blue Moon 🎶

The Full Moon in Aquarius has brought the inspiration that energizes us towards the creativity of harmonious play. Aquarius and Uranian energy motivates us towards the unique and original so much so that it rings out with vibrant operatic rock n roll dissonance. The unforgettable rhythms and tones that sing out in voices, words and concepts celebrating the eternal futuristic original. The unique within the healthy individuated soul. The utter glorious reality of being present in the here and now with vibrant gusto.

Let’s Talk About Your Sun Sign At This Time ~

Aries ~ A coming to terms with human frailties, with just being human. Through the course of the next couple of weeks, the humble awareness that life is a gift relieves you of a burden you are more than ready to let go of. Use your abundant fiery energy to create your hearts desire.

Taurus ~ At home with the current Grand Trine in Earth. Use this harmonious moment to allow yourself to claim what’s in your heart and soul. There is a growing flame inside of you that comes through facing your fears. Use this harmonious moment to take back your power by taking charge of your life. Then your relationships with your finances and people will start to sing.

Gemini ~ At home with all the Mercurial energy being played out as we move full force into the Virgo season. To study some kind of Martial Art out of curiosity and a good channel for some of the Mars influence inspiring you.

Cancer ~ The Grand Earth Trine stimulates, inspires and energizes you to get down to the nitty gritty of something. That something will reveal itself to you as we move forward in time.

Leo ~ The Saturn/Uranus square has been a moment of revelation and knowledge. Stay within the center of your deeper understanding and continue to learn about yourself. The constrictions of this time paves the way for you to emerge as the shining bright Leo star that you are. Keep on.

Virgo ~ 🎼🎶Happy Birthday!🎶 Your first gift is the Grand Earth Trine, with your Sun, Mercury and Mars at the pinnacle. Allow yourself to be influenced by the powerful energies that may be transmuted into great wisdom of practicality. To give yourself a good foothold into creating more income, creative projects and whatever else your heart desires.

Libra ~ Venus in Libra trine Saturn in Aquarius. Honey, you are in the money! This is an auspicious moment of power through the ability to elegantly embrace the virtue of your own integrity. The Virgo season is a time of organization and preparation. So set your house in order and clarify your goals. The next couple of months have the potential to be a turning point for you.

Scorpio ~ You be in the groove this time around. Scorpio and Virgo sextile each other and work rather well together. Logic and passion goes a long way to grease your wheels and get you where you need to be. Just take some time to clarify where that might be!

Sagittarius ~ There is a slight constriction at this time that will soon pass. There is a need to use the power of communication as an indirect route towards the exploration of unexplored territory that you seek. There is a nourishment that replenishes you within the logical, pragmatic confines of the Virgo season. Take advantage of this time to clarify your goals so in a few weeks you may take aim and reach your goals.

Capricorn ~ The Grand Earth Trine of which you are an active member serves to focus the Plutonian influence transiting, ever so slowly through your Sun and other planets placed in Capricorn. It’s almost time, though not quite yet for the wrecking crew to complete the demolition. So take heart, and many deep breaths and walk mindfully through the process your life is taking you through now. Slowly but surely down the line, the clean up, new design and renovation shall transpire.

Aquarius ~ Good work! You are making your point and inspiring movement towards the original and innovative. Now the work is applying it to your own life personally. Use the next couple of weeks to clarify your goals as you continue to do the work taking steps to create and bring in what you need. This is including an increase in your finances. Even flirtations have a good chance to bring in a good possibility in afew weeks. Just keep moving forward singing your song, dancing your dance and walking your walk!

Pisces ~ All of that Neptunian fog gets focused and clarified as we move through the Virgo season. This is your moment of balance, peace and harmony as you feel the friendly and exciting sextile energy of the Grand Earth Trine. Relish this moment. Use this time to take good care of yourself so you can serve others in a real way. Remember present moment is a wonderful moment.

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Happy Belated Full Moon 🌕

Keep moving forward in health, well being and peace

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