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Having The Courage To Begin….

August 18, 2020

Is to have the courage to succeed.

8/18/20 New Moon 26 Degrees Leo

In the midst of this dynamically aspected moment we begin again as the Moon conjuncts the Sun at 26 degrees Leo.

Twenty six degrees is nearing the end. Twenty six degrees is moving towards a new beginning.

But for now; be playful, be creative

Let yourself have an adventure.

Do take a risk and a gamble, just for the hell of it.

It’s time to reflect on your hearts desire. Leo, the Lion represents the heart of it all.

As the Sun, it’s ruling planet reflects brightness and the nourishment of light. We are imbued with the fire of courage.

Courage is the gift we attain as we experience the victorious conquering of our fears through facing challenges right on.

[Those challenges include facing ugly truths as we must. In fact, I have found it to be true and quite effective that the best way to manifest and become beautiful is to face the parts of ourselves we consider ugly and unattractive. But I digress, more about that at a later Moon cycle.]

This enables the eternal flame of bravery, the chutzpah that comes from the heart to be filled with the grace of wisdom and strength.

The confidence of the bright Leo Sun fills our lives with vigor, energy and bright moments.

What do you wish to create with the luminous energy of the 26 degree Leo New Moon’s inspirational glow?

To enjoy the summery sweetness of the playful and creative heart of Leo as we are surely making our way towards the Virgo Season.

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