Rhythmic Rituals Based On Reality

The Madonna nurturing the newborn, attuning to the instinctual needs of her baby and her own along with adapting to the necessities of the Present Moment.

While being attuned into a rhythmic set of daily rituals that becomes a consistent safe space. Both mother and child growing and learning so to embody the precious and necessary establishment of being.

So becoming individuated.

Finding father.

Or is it ” the self instructors sharp and tender love”?

No matter how it is experienced what I am seeking to describe above is the dynamic of the Full Moon in Cancer as the Sun begins its journey through Capricorn.

The Winter Solstice.

At this moment the fullness of the Moon in Cancer and the Sun in Capricorn.

The harmonizing Moon, the energy of our inner most being as we seek nourishment and nurturing through the silky veil of our intuitive depths illumined by the energy of the Moon. In direct opposition to the Sun in Capricorn. Seeking to achieve elevation in our lives, our stature, our communities. Liz Greene so articulately states that Saturn ruler of Capricorn, is “a symbol of the psychic process, natural to all human beings, by which an individual may utilize the experiences of pain, restriction and discipline as a means for greater consciousness and fulfillment.”

This time of year we heed the dynamic paradox of Cancer in opposition to Capricorn. The yin/yang of the Moon opposing the Sun within the darkest night and still darker days. It is a good thing to be motivated to respect, I hope with tender loving care the warmth and comfort of turning inward. Thus becoming the chrysalis for a while. Learning, healing and growing through ” the self instructors sharp and tender love”.

Little by little as the length of the days grow longer, the seeds of our embodied wholeness unfolds we emerge the wise and vivid butterfly.

As Winter does turn to Spring.

Published by pjlivingsolutions

My love, respect and appreciation of people is what truly inspires the way I read & interpret astrology charts. I love the magnificently poetic, electromagnetic, spiritual tool of Astrology. Fascinatingly serving my work in the journey of healing others. I find that it is through knowledge and awareness that comes the wisdom & clarity that guides, inspires and supports the integration of Self & Soul. This expressed by way of the authentic awareness in an “aha” moment of clarity which is the door to freedom, self reclamation & a beautiful well lived life. New choices. New solutions. Appropriate healthy changes. Validation that supports and guides movement forward. My fascination and awe with all that life continuously unfolds along with the gift I am so honored and grateful to embody that brought me here to my work in Astrology, Psychology, the Healing Arts and Storytelling is what empowers me to deeply attune, mindfully listen, support and guide the folks I work with so that they find ways to make their lives into a vibrant delicious and connected experience. It is through my work that I seek to encourage positive growth & successful development in order to build a beautiful, prosperous, healthy life.

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