The Full Moon in Libre; Illumination Of Beauty, Peace & Balance

The constant ever flowing energy of the lunation cycle at its full moon phase is the point of clarity pertaining to our purpose and our commitment to that purpose.

Flowering, blooming  blossoms of  matters that have the potential to manifest goals realized or setting new goals to be decided upon. Clarifying purpose is at its most brightest phase at this Full Moon time.

This Full Moon in Libre supports the seeking of balance, beauty and harmony. Equilibrium that is yearning to be established as the birthing of the Spring season slowly continues to make its way through  the little disruptions brought about as the Sun continues its journey through Aries.

Acknowledging as well that by virtue of  the influences of the potentially powerfully volatile combination of Pluto @21 degrees in Capricorn squaring rather widely at this time Uranus @ 27 degrees Aries.   A combination that tends to be rich in clash and high energy as their powerfully electromagnetic movement continues to foster fearful and willful impulses serving to disrupt and perhaps even demolish outmoded irrelevant customs and beliefs that have produced throughout the ages a kind of sleepy melancholy veil that humanity can no longer afford to hide itself in.

Could it merely be none other than the most needed voice of  our heart, Soul and evolving humanity emerging out of a life threatening slumber?     In actuality seeking to color us with an awareness of the utmost necessity to respect ourselves and each other with the energy of kindness, compassion, care and dignity.    As well as the mercy and benevolence of our own understanding.

Perhaps it is this moment that is awakening so many more of us to the actual goings on that might not had been going on if we actually knew that it was going on in the first place.

I do believe we never would have given our apathetic consent to many actions or legislations, if we had the knowledge, awareness and wherewithal about it.  It is by means of our conscious feeling, thinking and enlivened selves who also must have the means and wherewithal to communicate respectfully and clearly to and from each other.  That is what this Full Moon in Libre is illuminating in its silvery white brightness.

Do take heart, since it does seem to be that the time that we are currently living through really just might be the mere laboring love of the birthing of an evolving humanity giving birth to itself.

The labor is long hard painful,  salty and sometimes ugly, yet we must honor and encourage it within our very own consciousness.  A needed and necessary rebalancing of the understanding of who we are in relationship to ourselves and each other.

Even more significantly, I believe that it is our soulful, biological and spiritual connection to our heartfelt humanity which must catch up with the advanced technological and intellectual levels that have been accomplished and established thus far.     In other words our technology is far more advanced way beyond our humanity.   And running rampant a grandiose insanity that is heedless of the necessary responsibility to the value of sustainability and a dignified life for All.

It is a very big problem that there is no one who possesses the much needed and necessary maturity, insight and intelligence along with the emotional and  psychological wherewithal so that we can call upon them to be a responsible actor.

One who on our behalf  must be there as a strong foothold into grounded responsible reality.

Thus, dangerous weapons, notions and ideas  which must not be in the hands of folks whose emotional development does not exceed that of adult toddlers and adult infants are.

Folks who do not as of yet have the capacity to differentiate themselves from others or more frightening still, an inability or even possess any inkling, clue or interest at all in distinguishing themselves enough in order to know themselves. Ever more importantly  to look st thenselves so that there can be some kind of clarity, some kind of humanity.  Is it the Pluto Uranus square that will serve to foster differentiation of themselves from themselves? Worst yet shall it be the epitome of the wild horse sans rider.

Could this be the birth moment that we are in?  The question facing the USA and our Global Village.

This is to my mind and my way of thinking a mighty significant moment of awareness that we are cycling through, if we are able to grasp it, which indeed we must. For if it is through this that Uranus holds the promise that it is the seed of our own clarity and knowledge that is in the shell of the old.   The simple miraculous prescence as we experience the birth of Self and Other, the I and Thou, of our own precious valued selfhood as it continues to unfold.

As the mystery unfolds in its way, we all bear witness to our own becoming. A beautifully harmonious interconnected living being is in itself the sound utterance of a person, a human being who shares connection to all others and even life itself.

Shared bonding with our Communities.

Shared bonding with our Country.

Shared bonding with each other as we inhabit our Global Earth Village.

And shared bonding respect and reverence for our Mother Earth.

Wishing each and every one of my readers, their friends and their followers a most enlightened, fulfillingly brightly lit Venus imbued delightful Full Moon in Libre.


Peace On Earth.

Peace On Earth.

Peace On Earth.

Published by pjlivingsolutions

From knowledge and understanding comes the clarity that supports the integration of Self and Soul. It is with insatiable curiosity that I wonder about so many aspects of being alive and fully present here on planet Earth. I love studying the phenomena of Volcanoes, Earthquakes, weather patterns, the oceans and the formation of mountains. All this along with the awareness of Outer Space. The worlds beyond our Earth. I am in unquenchable awe about our galaxy and the galactic phenomena that surrounds our galaxy. I mean, how did we get here?!?! The IS-ness of it all is quite mind-blowing to me. And then there is Astrology. Yes, astrology defined, “ is a pseudoscience that claims to divine information about human affairs and terrestrial events by studying the movements and relative positions of celestial objects.” Astrology nourishes our imagination. It connects us to the creative, non linear side of our brain. Our intuition and heart to our mind. The awareness that we vibrate through the electromagnetic elements contained in our own bodies along with the electromagnetic elements of the celestial bodies, aka the planets. It’s with intuitive psychic understanding as well as my studies in psychotherapy and the healing arts that I bring to astrology consultations. It is my deep desire to serve and help folks realize their full potential through the map of the soul, the astrology chart. It is from knowledge and understanding comes the clarity that supports the integration of self and soul. And that is a sexy way of being fully embodied, fulfilled and being alive at this magnificent moment in time.

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