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The Fearless Power Vitality and Spirit Of Mars

March 20, 2018

Being the fiery planet that conducts our vitality, energy and life force I see Mars, as a bright red luscious experience daring to be alive even in the face of adversity and the dark and gloomy pall of death….

”Everybody dies, but not everyone lives.” I am not sure who I am quoting but it brings to mind elements of the built in DNA of Aries….the instinctual will to live.

”Brave is simply the clarity of vision of what lies before you”    I heard that spoken in  the film Kate and Leopold. Leopold reassuring Kate who was expressing her doubts and fears.   Such an Aries response to life.

I affirm for everyone a profoundly clear connection to your fearless nature and the love of the power of movement and delight in your own aliveness.

Happy Spring

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