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Slept In The Night, Day #3 of a 21 Day Reversal

September 20, 2017

Into the nighttime rest last night within the midnight hour of the brand new next day,

Awoke as the clock stroke 5:55 AM EDT…..

Within the beauty and joy of that powerful number out of my bed I arose

Gratefully thrilled yet humbly in the service of the upward hill climb towards a reversal of irrelevant sleep cycle from a past life now gone….

With conscious awareness along with the knowledge of the richness of that past I joyfully thrill to the magnificent adventure of this present moment at this most treacherous though transformative of times.

Having slept.

An amazing thing that I rested and refreshed all my synapses and the miraculous systems that I embody

Awake to the faithful feeling of the light of dawn even as there is still the darkness of the veil of the morning night sky.

Awake however still quite sleepy, albeit somewhat rested enough to witness an awesome lit sky.

An awesome lit sky.

The glorious light of an awesome lit sky

Good Morning!

L’Shona Tovah!

Happy New Year ✨☺️✨

And most importantly Peace on Earth🙏

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