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Merry Present Moment

December 6, 2014

The month of December marks the time of the year prior and the coming of the year ahead.

December is a time of acknowledging ones rootedness. Enabling us to becoming aware of the deeper meaning of life as we continue on into the journey of the darkest night and here in the  North East colder climate and dreary days….. the cycle of Winter, death, decay, rest renewal and eventually rebirth.

As we move through the Zodiac signs of Sagittarius and into that of Capricorn there are those of us who are rooted in solid nourishing healthy enough family traditions. For these folks it is a time of cheer,  warmth,  drink,  food and a plethora of shopping, gifts, etc, etc., etc.

For many folks,  as we move through and evolve into a paradigm perhaps  a bit more relevant and appropriate to this actual moment in time  that we are living in now….May I offer my heartfelt enthusiastic Aquarian Blessings to you!

And to One and All I wish and affirm for the joy & blessings of this present moment always.

For always It is Here.


Why wait for Christmas?

How enriching and dignified to honor and be present with the gift of aliveness,  joy and gratitude for the blessings of this present moment now.

Something we have 24/7.

365 days a year!

So to those who wish me a “Merry Christmas” I say Happy Present Moment….

And for the countless times I shall be asked, “well, what are you doing for Christmas?”…my reply is that I am loving this very moment.

Being so grateful that I am happy, healthy, alive and present in this awesome moment here with Y’all at this most fascinating time.

it’s all here now.

And if not now, when…on Christmas…no I just don’t think so.

Why do we have to wait for Christmas when we need Peace, Harmony Dignity and Respect for all now.

Right now.


Hence I say Merry Present Moment and Blessings, Peace, Harmony, Health and Prosperity as we move through the darkest night marked by the Solstice and continue on with vibrant aliveness, faith, joy and hope into an inspiring, bright, magnificently amazing year ahead!

After all Spring is just onward….as time continues to move forward… eternally circling forth….

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