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“When will our consciousness grow so tender,that we try to understand conflict rather than try to avenge it.” Eleanor Roosevelt

March 7, 2010

Perhaps,it is through the  growth and challenges of Capricorn,Aquarius and Pisces that we can evolve to that tender and wise place that Mrs.Roosevelt suggests in that quote.

Which brings us to the sign we are moving through now….Pisces…..

The main goal of Pisces is to experience pure consciousness….

The journey of Pisces and people born under that sign is one of compassion and forgiveness….

Random acts of kindness and love expresses the endpoint of the gentleness of Pisces.

The challenge is to stay grounded and connected to ones self on this planet earth in the here and now.So as to guarantee safe passage to a  more transcendent place. Otherwise escapism,chaos,fragmentation and disorientation can occur…….

And the only way back from that is to lose one’s mind and come back to one’s senses…..

The mad,sad,scared.gladness of the wonderousness of our instinctual beinghood.

More about that later……

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