The Noir Of The New Moon

2/23/20 In Pisces/ 4 Degrees The magical cosmic mystery of the Piscean cycle once again resumes. Inspiring us towards a sort of misty state of consciousness. A kind of dreamy flow of shadows and light. A subtle yet mesmerizing tale of mystery imbued with elegance and untold beauty that holds echoes mirroring the somber moodContinue reading “The Noir Of The New Moon”

Funny Valentine In A Weird Sort Of Way

Leo Full Moon, Sun in Aquarius. The vibrant heart at the core of this Full Moon, which is invigorated by the sign of Leo, is to live and to be the center at the center of the heart of it all. In fact happiness and bliss for Leo is for it to be the brightlyContinue reading “Funny Valentine In A Weird Sort Of Way”

1/10/20 Hello Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Cancer

Hello to being at home while being in the World Sun in Capricorn– Moon opposing Sun– Moon in Cancer The rhythm, practice and discipline of keeping ones home clean and orderly gives birth to the anchoring of good grounded confidence and support. The kind of reassurance that inspires the clarity and wherewithal to vibrantly, wiselyContinue reading “1/10/20 Hello Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Cancer”

Winter Solstice 2019

Yes, that’s what’s next. The Full Moon which occurred on December 12th 2019, brought with it, as Full Moons do, critical mass energy colored by the communicative sign of Gemini within a flurry of activity. We continue to move through time and descend into shorter daylight hours, into the cold of the darkest night. TheContinue reading “Winter Solstice 2019”

Full Moon 19 Degrees Taurus

The sensuous seeking of pleasures The sensitive seeking of safety and security. Money as a means to that end. Our core values and self esteem emerge through our actions in relationships concerning finance, money and integrity. The influence of the Sun in Scorpio opposing the Moon in Taurus can form a tension that could serveContinue reading “Full Moon 19 Degrees Taurus”

The Full Moon; The Culmination In Aquarius

On August 15th, when the Moon is full at 22 degrees Aquarius, this innovative rule breaker designed to bring clever ways of viewing your self, your life and the world shall wake us up and shake us up right out of the morass of deadening mediocrity as it shines its innovative luminosity for all theContinue reading “The Full Moon; The Culmination In Aquarius”

A Teeny Tiny Tune For The New Leo Rising Moon 7/31/19

Today Bringing bright moments. Of visions that contain elements of cleverness that fill us with inspiration, glamour and fun. Hello, as we just might find ourselves entertaining notions of taking playful risks. Gambling, love affairs and children. Joyful jolly greeting to this Leo lit conjunction of Moon to the Sun Leo is symbolized by theContinue reading “A Teeny Tiny Tune For The New Leo Rising Moon 7/31/19”

Full Moon In Capricorn, Partial Lunar Eclipse 7/16/19

The Moon’s fullness of light, shines when it reaches it’s position in its cyclic orbit where we are actually seeing the Moon itself lit up by the Sun, just shining its light as a spotlight would upon it. In Astrological and metaphorical thought it is the feminine intuitive nature of the Moon when in oppositionContinue reading “Full Moon In Capricorn, Partial Lunar Eclipse 7/16/19”

New Moon In Cancer Solar Eclipse

Mystery unfolds. The power of two heavenly bodies conjoin in such a way that they effectively interact with our energies on Earth to beckon and influence. At this moment in time the New Moon in Cancer held within the dynamic of a Solar Eclipse along with opposing by sign, not yet by degree, the SaturnContinue reading “New Moon In Cancer Solar Eclipse”

Keep On To keep Moving On

New Moon In Aries The Dance Of Aries The New Moon in Aries should supply you with some high octane energy to propel you forward so you can effectively accomplish whatever you are setting your mind on to do. Willpower and a deep driven instinct to survive is the quality that the Aries Sun andContinue reading “Keep On To keep Moving On”