The SuperMoon In Scorpio ~

~4/26-4/27 at 7 degrees

What’s hidden is revealed thru the brilliant light of the silvery Scorpio Moon. Time to lose your mind. Time to come back to your senses.

Scorpio Moon evokes the time to give yourself the space to become aware of your emotions. Scorpio is a Water element. As our feelings and emotions ebb and flow like the ocean itself allowing us to become aware of felt experiences emulating from our heart.

By focusing your awareness on what you are feeling it enters the perception of your mind. It’s your mind that decodes your feeling experiences into comprehensive, logical means of managing your moods and getting your needs met. Once you understand the language of your feelings, be it anger, sadness, fear or gladness you can flow with the knowledge of what the feeling is indicating that is needed in your life. Awareness of your feelings and learning how to manage them will keep you in synch and harmony with yourself and those around you.

The magic contained within you is there. It just needs to be felt, experienced, identified, translated and decoded by your mind. Getting down to the nitty-gritty heart and soul of what matters is a significant component of this Full Moon in Scorpio.

Suffice it to say that Astrologically this is a “humdinger” of a SuperFull Moon. It’s called a SuperMoon due to its proximity to our Earth’s orbit. This connection then increases the influence it has on our biological and emotional body.

Scorpio’s natural inclination is to evoke heightened experiences of the senses within the parameters of feeling. This is a beneficial time to get to the heart of any matter that is on your mind since the grace of guidance is yours for the taking.

Scorpio’s Fixed Water element is conducive to the experience of feelings. However what makes this a particularly charged Full Moon is the opposition it forms to Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus, all in Taurus. Relentless and persistent Taurus.

Taurus, Fixed in quality with Earth as its element. The Sun indicates our sense of self, our ego aka “mission control”, Mercury represents our minds and the need to transmit information as well as take in information. Venus embodies love, beauty, balance, finance, money and what we desire. Uranus is about freedom, liberation and innovation through brilliant insight. These 4 planets in Taurus opposing the Full Moon in Scorpio fills this moment with an emphasis on what we value. What really matters to us. What enhances our lives vs. what is dragging us down by its irrelevance to our goals.

Scorpio Moon inspires connections to ourselves and our needs based on our true felt experiences and its impact on our lives. Then add to this mix its opposition to the stellium in Taurus which forms a T-square to Saturn at 12 degrees Aquarius. It’s a truly affective geometry that ultimately supports growth and awareness. Specifically concerning issues around our inherent soul journey and the way in which we interact with the material world.

T-squares are triggers of stress caused by the basic misunderstanding and incompatibility of the 3 parties involved. It’s the very nature of this discomfort that becomes the catalyst for growth, healing and progress. For this particular T-square the catalyst is Saturn in Aquarius. Imbuing the desire and need to restructure value systems towards methods and means that have the capacity to serve ourselves and others.

This SuperMoon could be a moving moment of clash and dissonance that is simply seeking an epiphany of transformation and change for the greater good of all.

There is another powerful factor to cite here and be mindful of ~ enter the hero of the story. There is a trine of Mars in Gemini to Jupiter in Aquarius. I see this as a revisioning of our instinctual need to connect and relate through the power of communication. A moment of harmony that brings a ray of hope and light to the humanity of our story.

Mars with its impulsive, instinctual drive to exist is in harmonious aspect to Jupiter. Jupiter, known for its optimism and jolly buoyancy of higher ideals is in Aquarius. Aquarius which is in itself the sign of social justice and equality. The Gemini ~Aquarius trine of Mars to Jupiter has the capacity to open the door into much needed diplomacy and healthy dialogue concerning your own personal matters, social movements and governments. Everybody talking to each other via the influence of Mars in Gemini forming a trine to Jupiter in Aquarius is the necessary component of our evolution towards higher consciousness. The promise of hope and faith made manifest.

Could we be gleaning some of the wisdom earned by having lived through years of stress and strain infused thru the Capricorn Stellium? This trine offers us a chord of reprieve that may serve to ease the clash of dissonance by sounding notes of harmony and ease. Enabling us to become aware of opportunities to create conduits of understanding through communication. To inspire dialogue and respectful negotiations about our different points of view.

Trine awaits the moment to share her point of view.

Take a moment to reflect on where in your life this is needed. Become aware of all the challenges and triumphs that brought you to this moment. Allow yourself to feel into what your next steps are. Then make a wish, affirmation or vision of your plans. I encourage you to use the energy of this Full Moon to reflect on what you no longer need. As you do so, you will have the wherewithal to get to the nitty-gritty of what you actually do need in order to create the life you want.

Suggested use of this Full Moons energy in all of its strongly aspected splendor calls you to value and consider the predicaments and preciousness of your very life.

Let’s open our hearts and minds to this moment of change, transformation and creative forward thinking. Let’s evoke at last a significant connection to our humanity.

Moving forward through it all

Scorpio Super Full Moon through the signs ~

Aries ~ this moment holds a certain kind of vulnerability that brings your passions a bit closer to yourself. Linking you to the healer within in order for you to glean the wisdom of your fighting spirit. A good time to begin a journal of your own creation. A time of self reflection and inner knowledge.

Taurus ~Happy Birthday! It’s a party of personal planets vibrating your love of stability and sensual pleasure. Inviting you to explore new innovative ways of dealing with your needs, wants and desires. This year ahead can surely prove to be fruitful and exciting as you get your bearings. Quite the wilder ride than usual as you continue to be influenced by the electrifying brilliance of Uranus transiting your sign. Happy continuing on and on and on and on!

Gemini ~ Yes, the art of communication is a valued part of your experience. This Scorpio Full Moon imbues you with a continued emphasis on this need to interact and articulate what’s on your mind. This is a two way street as you are quite curious about what’s going on in other people’s minds as well. Moving forward as you sort through it all can prove to be a rewarding part of your journey.

Cancer ~ A bit of fiery intensity for you as Mars has entered your Sign. Particularly powerful what with the Full Moon in Scorpio triggering passions and desires that have been dormant. It is Spring after all! This may be a time where you want to go inward but the journey of Mars through your sign insists that you reconsider. Take heart, use this moment to clarify what your objectives are and how to accomplish them. Remember to nurture, nourish and love.

Leo ~ Full SuperMoon in Scorpio is not your favorite placement for the Moon to be in, particularly with the Sun in Taurus. Still and all you do always enjoy a bit of a challenge. A sensuous time of clarity and creative inspiration triggered by the Taurus/Scorpio dynamic. Actually a time of changing your understanding of many things. As you are inspired by the T of the square formed by Saturn in your opposing sign of Aquarius. Have fun as you are moved to a new and brighter understanding.

Virgo ~ This Full Moon in Scorpio is trining your Sun and offers some peace and harmony. A glimmering moment of sweetness for you amid the tension and pressure coming at you from others. All is well. Just keep connected to your rhythms, rituals and practices to maintain your balance.

Libra ~ This is a moment of possibilities which are yet to reveal themselves to you. A moment of reckoning that holds vague yet quite real potential. However, this is just a minuscule part of your journey that will ultimately lead to crystal clear clarification as this cycle of the Moon moves forward. And so shall you.

Scorpio ~ This is your moment to shine by the glow of it all. Think of this cycle as an educational moment of letting go of how you assumed things were supposed to be. To relax into what the reality of your life and the circumstances around you are in actuality. There is a richness of energy enveloping you like a chrysalis. The chrysalis is the womb that contains the exquisite butterfly living into the moment of its flight. Even as the Phoenix rises up out of its own ashes so shall you yet emerge out of the flames.

Sagittarius ~ A moment of logical reflection as you philosophically ponder the parameters of your next adventure. Perhaps a book or a journal to codify all the learning from your past. All this to encourage you to keep moving forward towards new horizons as you release the old.

Capricorn ~ All the changes and transformations are taking hold so that now is the time to get your bearings. There is a seat at the table even as Pluto continues to transit your sign. There is a comfort for you during this Full Moon cycle since the sextile Scorpio forms to your Sun sign is stimulating and creative. Factor in Saturn, your ruling planet in Aquarius and you be in the groove. Even Capricorn gets to play and have fun from time to time.

Aquarius ~ Full Moon in Scorpio has fascinating elements of wonder and delight. The stress it brings on, like your Leo friends holds a challenge. Challenges that heighten your natural curiosity that serves to inform you of new ideas. Along with new ways to implement them. Getting closer to fulfilling your goals, keep on moving forward as you make your way out of the forest into the light of day.

Pisces ~ A harmonious full moon for you since Scorpio forms a trine that reverberates from the depths of your being. The heart of your desire for Cosmic Consciousness. The square to Mars will relax as Mars continues to make its way through the sign Cancer. Take the time to make music, art and love. So much inspiration triggered by the sextile the planets in Taurus form. Vibe on.

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Happy Full Moon 🌕!



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