The New Moon in Aquarius on 2/11/21

Now that we are officially well into the season of Aquarius, our energy veers towards finding innovative solutions to situations that we comprehend as unacceptable.

There is in the making a creative push towards understanding conflictual issues involving others that is about a process of listening to others. Even if we don’t necessarily agree or understand what they are saying. We acknowledge their right to express what’s on their mind.

Aquarian energy influences us to take the road that leads to understanding and respect. As in those tense moments when no agreement or understanding of the other persons point of view can be found. However, when we choose to hear someone out and then check in within ourselves to see; do they make sense? Does their reasoning resonate or is it a complete turn off? By acknowledging our experience of the other and giving their point of view audience we are establishing trust and respect. This is what negotiation and diplomacy is about.

This is the Aquarian way.

Diplomacy even in the midst of conflict is what this New Moon in Aquarius is calling for.

It does beg the question, but what if their point of view puts my life at risk? A question I personally ponder and have not yet found a viable answer to.

As we are still traveling through a tense moment in time being triggered by Mars at 16 degrees Taurus and Uranus at 7 degrees Taurus forming a square angle to the Sun, Moon, Mercury,Venus, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. The square metaphorically and psychospiritually feels like abrasive sandpaper rubbing the wrong way against our skin. Ouch! Two conflicting needs, wants and desires having to negotiate impossibility into that which is good enough and possible.

As a character builder squares are actually a good thing. They serve to help us become aware of what we must let go of in our personal lives and in our lives collectively. As we do the work they suggest we build our self esteem knowing we can get through challenges. We also open to the hidden guidance being presented through the experience of the tension of the square. We are ultimately rewarded by being able to move forward, continue and carry on.

One of the main resources and qualities of Aquarian energy via the Saturn/Uranus ruling planets of the sign is the teaching of integrity and the necessity to be bone chillingly honest with oneself. It’s the experience of living life out of a reality, evidenced based lens that opens the door to bring forth inventive outlooks and innovative ideas.

This moment of the Aquarian stellium squaring Uranus and Mars in Taurus invites us to let go of irrelevant earthbound energy that has become like heavy chains of bondage. The need to be liberated and released from outmoded obsolete structures is the task at hand. While at the same time we have the opportunity to choose to find and/or invent healthy aspects of the material world that serves us within the greater good.

Planting a seed on this New Moon in Aquarius is an understatement of newness in every sense of the word. This is so because at this moment there are 6 planets in Aquarius. They are the Sun, Mercury Rx, the Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. Aquarius ruled by Uranus is about inspiring breakthroughs in the interest of freedom and well being for all.

This New Moon in Aquarius makes for an opportune moment on so many levels. Think of it as the beginning of a personal and collective journey towards manifestation of a goal inspired by the inventive genius of the Aquarian stellium.

It’s through empowering elements of creativity and play into the equation that this New Moon can reflect back to you moments of brilliance, inner revelation and wisdom.

Success and accomplishment is in the air. Remember Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign. This makes for concentration, steadfastness and focus which enhances our ability to carry through and complete tasks and projects.

The predilection to use logic and thought in order to restructure outmoded stale dynamics which instead serves humanity within healthy communities is in the purview of Aquarius. Aquarius brings forth the necessary process of understanding that builds on relevant, innovative possibilities that supports one and all.

And that means YOU, You and you!

New Moon in Aquarius through the signs;

Aries get your sketch pad and charcoals out to draw the ideas of what you shall create as you make it through this moment. With still some challenges ahead, however take heart, the sextile Aquarius forms to your Sun can prove to be quite stimulating and exciting.

Taurus, perhaps feeling sorrow and pain via the square to the Aquarian stellium. Use this Mercury Retrograde to begin to take stock and sort through your life and your possessions. Hold onto that which serves your life. Be prepared to release those things and ideas which have you tethered down. Let it go. And then enjoy the peace that is on its way.

Gemini this is your New Moon filled with harmonies that insure your success no matter what you do. Set your mind to focus on what matters to you the most. Then listen to the musings of your divine duality to make a reasonable plan to carry it all through.

Cancer in the bosom of Winter where you dream of comforting things. In the deep wisdom of your purposeful Cardinality, clarify through the intuitive intelligence of this New Moon your plan towards good health and ways for you to thrive and prosper.

Leo in opposition to the Aquarian stellium and this New Moon is a good time to reflect mindfully on how you can shine. To shine and glimmer in order to bring creative charm and joy to yourself and others.

Virgo, loved by Aquarius energy. To imbue your desire to serve with a logical creative purpose. This is a moment of inspiration for you. Practice creative writing or some interest that might have been dormant. This is a moment of awakening to new ideas, concepts and world views.

Libra this New Moon is about walking through the chaos all around you. Keeping your eyes wide open and maintaining your balance. It’s a fascinating journey that is teaching you about harmony and beauty from a new perspective. Stay tuned in and keep on. The best is yet to come.

Scorpio has the wherewithal and wisdom to rise above it all as the Eagles do. New Moon in Aquarius stimulates your energy that opens doors to otherwise tightly locked inner sanctums. So allow yourself to be the brilliant detective that your heart and soul is so drawn to. Solving the mystery in your mind creates the healing salve of the transformation you so desire.

Sagittarius, this is your moment to find nourishment showering down upon you from the sextile of the Aquarian stellium to your Sun. Oh esoteric one, enjoy the experience of innovative genius the Aquarian influence has on your heart, mind, body and soul. This works well for you in issues concerning money, finance and relationships. So find where you are drawn to and bring your clever wit to make manifest what it is.

Capricorn, albeit you might still be feeling a bit rock ‘n rolled, or have you not gotten used to the Plutonian dance yet? This still is a good moment to lighten up since Saturn your ruler and the co ruler of Aquarius is part of the stellium that is bringing new ideas to help you restructure. To elevate your purpose to serve the many, not just the few. A really fun time to lighten up your somber heart. This is the time to feel into what really matters to you.

Aquarius, happy birthday to you! In every sense of the word. Isn’t it so very lovely to feel comfortable being in the world on planet Earth? I ask you? Six planets in Aquarius indicates to me that the language of humanity, understanding, equality and liberty for all is in the process of becoming established. Persevere, practice and work towards achieving getting your needs met and living your dream into well established goals that have a significant process of being met.

Pisces, the place to let it all go. Go with the flow of your cosmic Neptunian trance, but stay focused on grounded reality as well. Pisces is a journey of service along with your opposition sign Virgo. However, your service is to a higher calling within you that you can get to through either very precise, skilled work and craftsmanship or through music, dance and the arts. The choices are yours. The Aquarian stellium is inviting you to make a conscious choice as you enter into the joy of consciousness itself.

Happy New Moon Everybody 🌑

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Thank-you, With love, Pamela

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