Losing Your Mind To Come Back To Your Senses

September 17th 2020

New Moon At 25 Degrees Virgo

4:00 AM PST/ 7:00 AM EST

This Virgo New Moon conjunct the Sun in Virgo are in opposition to Neptune in Pisces. Seducing us to surrender to the depths of the mystical while keeping our minds open to the awareness of what we are actually experiencing.

The Mercurial Virgo energy opens the way to making sense out of the chaos and confusion we might find ourselves in.

Seeking perfection while being in the heart of imperfection. It’s a brilliant way to come to terms with the conundrums and paradoxes we might find ourselves in.

This New Moon in Virgo allows for a grounded congruent connection to ourselves as it forms a trine to the transiting stellium of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.

The moment of the New Moon in Virgo inspires us to come to terms with some of the tensions still quite active via the square of Mars and Eris in Aries formed to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.

It’s the resounding harmony of the Trine formed by the New Moon in Virgo to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn that imbues us with the gift for creating a new beginning.

A new beginning that has elements of cooperation as it is presided over by a clear headed, sensible place of Earth bound clarity.

To comprehend what we need personally and collectively as we continue to move forward. Then formulate a plan, short term and long term to follow it through.

Even amidst this shaky unsettled ground that promises to manifest in upheaval as irrelevant authority structures obstinately pull every trick in and off the books to not let go. We are centered and grounded in our intentions.

This Virgo New Moon marks a profoundly powerful point in time which benefits most of us via the soothing harmony of the trine.

It’s the predilection towards purification that the New Moon in Virgo energizes. Virgo incorporates health as part of her realm. Health and healing that connects with the Earth and the holistic resources of the wisdom of Ancient healing.

This heralds in an auspicious time that can give us the vision to focus on new ways of understanding and managing this moment of Pandemic. The Pandemic on many levels that we find ourselves in.

This could be the time to open up to new and ancient innovative concepts. The wisdom derived from Planet Earth herself.

Happy New Moon

Published by pjlivingsolutions

From knowledge and understanding comes the clarity that supports the integration of Self and Soul. It is with insatiable curiosity that I wonder about so many aspects of being alive and fully present here on planet Earth. I love studying the phenomena of Volcanoes, Earthquakes, weather patterns, the oceans and the formation of mountains. All this along with the awareness of Outer Space. The worlds beyond our Earth. I am in unquenchable awe about our galaxy and the galactic phenomena that surrounds our galaxy. I mean, how did we get here?!?! The IS-ness of it all is quite mind-blowing to me. And then there is Astrology. Yes, astrology defined, “ is a pseudoscience that claims to divine information about human affairs and terrestrial events by studying the movements and relative positions of celestial objects.” Astrology nourishes our imagination. It connects us to the creative, non linear side of our brain. Our intuition and heart to our mind. The awareness that we vibrate through the electromagnetic elements contained in our own bodies along with the electromagnetic elements of the celestial bodies, aka the planets. It’s with intuitive psychic understanding as well as my studies in psychotherapy and the healing arts that I bring to astrology consultations. It is my deep desire to serve and help folks realize their full potential through the map of the soul, the astrology chart. It is from knowledge and understanding comes the clarity that supports the integration of self and soul. And that is a sexy way of being fully embodied, fulfilled and being alive at this magnificent moment in time.

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