The Neptune Journey; Surrendering To the Extraordinariness Of The Ordinary 

The experience of unbridled anxiety of which I am aware of that many people have been experiencing lately is what I would like to reflect on here. via the affect that planet Neptune in its astrological lens supports our lives and or challenges our experience of living.

I myself relate to the experience of  burning pinprick anxiety, fears and concerns coupled with a sense of walking through water, while feeling extremely pressured to reach to the other side…..still somehow moving too slow, impeded by the heaviness of walking through onrushing unexpected water.

One can believe that one is drowning and perhaps even dying a slow death….

Neptune, the solvent as in the disolution of boundaries  and ones own will and the purveyor of all things mystical and  transcendent. That which requires surrender, surrender, surrender and yes relentlessly more surrender.

The question is surrender to what?  I mean let’s face it, if one surrenders to the challenge at hand by fusing, uniting and merging with the problem or challenge then like a dolphin seeking its human master, your life becomes the sacrificed. Then the wisdom and consciousness so needed and indeed required in order to find and create the solution is dissolved along with your selfhood. Not the way to go. Not the ultimate journey Neptune has in store for you. Since the teachings of Neptune ultimately, I do believe, is about falling in love and revelling in consciousness itself. Yes, the love of consciousness for the sake of conscious awareness.

My own experience of Neptune transiting my tenth house, the house of career and Ones place in society, has taught me of this of which I am communicating to you my dear reader of this communication. I wad finding myself making movements forward in my work and business and then like chalk marks in a rainstorm all efforts seemed to disappear, filling me with the painful pinprick anxiety and a lethargy of despair. Fortunately for me my studies in Contemplative Psychotherapy and my refusal to be defeated guided me towards the ultimate deliciously Divine gift offered by Neptune. Hence, I was able to open to hearing the wisdom of Neptune’s boundless teachings, guidance and gentle prodding.

That is to be aware of the challenge, to hold it with love, compassion and mercy. You see that when the detachment to the problem, mood, state of mind or what have you with conscious awareness of the situation present, then Neptune’s misty cosmic guidance becomes available via a thought form that enters your consciousness and becomes the answer.

When worked with in this way, then the  dance of Neptune is allowing a rerouting to occur. Then the anxiety, suffering and pain is not for naught.
Please do believe me when I say that I do not believe in suffering for sufferings sake, however I do suppose that  a Neptune transit seeks to present oneself with the oogeling of anxiety, doubt, fear and pain to open us up to the faith, trust and respect for our own process through which the presence of Neptune either natally or through transit offers or forces us, (however, one chooses to view it), through its misty, foggy, vague journey.

You see as I continued on in spite of feeling discouraged, exasperated  filled with hopeless despair, grief and anger that this kind of experience should even be. That then somehow, some way an awareness came upon me from deep within so that then even then like a dying ember of a flame , I just breathed upon that tiny spark of hopeful ember so that the spark of that  dying glow became enlivened into a glowing bright new flame of awareness.

As the renowned and cherished storyteller and Jungian therapist Clarissa Pinkola Estes speaks of in her tale , “Warming The Stone Child”, it only takes a breath of air or gentle wind to bring a dying ember back to glowing brightly and to become once again that warming creative practical healing fire. With my own experience and my work with others,  I find that that indeed this is so.  The sensitive, compassionate caring concern and wonder does seem to bring about the deep lessons, gifts  and rich wisdom that Neptune empowers us to master.

Through deep compassionate awareness, I am beginning to understand that this damp, misty, heavy yet quite ethereal energy of Neptune is in all actuality opening new pathways of direction and flow….in its heavy misted shadow it is beckoning a shining silver lining almost as a gentle zephyr. In its seemingly all evasive pervasiveness Neptune is always gently guiding and directing  an organization and orientation that One could ever have known had One’s experience not been so clouded and made heavy, vague and nebulous in the veil of doubt and sorrow brought about by  Neptunes influences within the birthchart and upon One’s Soul.

After all as Khalil Gibran so powerfully expressed it ;

“Vague and nebulousis the beginning of all things, but not their end,

Life, and all that lives, is conceived in the mist and not in the crystal.

That which seems most feeble and bewildered in you is the strongest and most determined.

The veil that clouds your eyes shall be lifted by the hands that wove it,

And the clay that fills your ears shall be pierced by those fingers that kneaded it.

And you shall see

And you shall hear.

Yet you shall not deplore having known blindness, nor regret having been deaf.

For in that day you shall know the hidden purposes in all things,

And you shall bless darkness as you would bless light.”

So seems to be the prophetic journey of Neptune.

Smooth, happy sailing and delightful deep diving All!

Published by pjlivingsolutions

My love, respect and appreciation of people is what truly inspires the way I read & interpret astrology charts. I love the magnificently poetic, electromagnetic, spiritual tool of Astrology. Fascinatingly serving my work in the journey of healing others. I find that it is through knowledge and awareness that comes the wisdom & clarity that guides, inspires and supports the integration of Self & Soul. This expressed by way of the authentic awareness in an “aha” moment of clarity which is the door to freedom, self reclamation & a beautiful well lived life. New choices. New solutions. Appropriate healthy changes. Validation that supports and guides movement forward. My fascination and awe with all that life continuously unfolds along with the gift I am so honored and grateful to embody that brought me here to my work in Astrology, Psychology, the Healing Arts and Storytelling is what empowers me to deeply attune, mindfully listen, support and guide the folks I work with so that they find ways to make their lives into a vibrant delicious and connected experience. It is through my work that I seek to encourage positive growth & successful development in order to build a beautiful, prosperous, healthy life.

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