Cancer & Capricorn ; Moving towards the dynamic development of selfhood

Sovereignty the ultimate goal of the Sun moving through Cancer with it’s oppositional energy of Capricorn…..



To make a spiritual conscious choice to embody one’s self in ones life….to move forward and create something greater and healthier, sustainable & founded in reality…..

The dynamic of authority—the father principle in balance modified and softened by virtue of the mother principle is  one of the ultimate designs & uses of these energies.

President Obama’s visit to El Reno, the prison in Oklahoma yesterday and his focusing his attention & awareness towards the hope and possibility of rehabilitating a toxic dehumanizing prison system, is in part an expression of the  Moon/Saturn energies. Perhaps this action is a  beginning that holds the much needed and necessary fostering & creating of a new nurturing structure (Moon/Saturn) which holds the possibility of offering a  greater, healthier and far more sustainable humanizing system than what has and tragically is still currently the practice in this country. His concern and attention through his presence there along with  his words & thoughts questioning the way “we” do things ( He noted that in other countries they penalize and imprison less people, particularly less young people) is something I hope we can hold him to accomplish.

Albeit he didn’t say it, what I believe must and is being said by many others is how the focused implementation of understanding mercy & compassion fosters and truly allows for true rehabilitation. Thus paving the road to respectful honoring of the sovereignty of humanity for humanity…..

The life affirming possibilities are endless….

Still and all it fascinates & imbues with wonder how this all shall get played out as Uranus goes retrograde on the 26th of July and the Sun moves from the nurturing energy of the sign of Cancer into the dynamic playful, unencumbered, brightly highly spirited sign of Leo….

Stay tuned.

Published by pjlivingsolutions

My love, respect and appreciation of people is what truly inspires the way I read & interpret astrology charts. I love the magnificently poetic, electromagnetic, spiritual tool of Astrology. Fascinatingly serving my work in the journey of healing others. I find that it is through knowledge and awareness that comes the wisdom & clarity that guides, inspires and supports the integration of Self & Soul. This expressed by way of the authentic awareness in an “aha” moment of clarity which is the door to freedom, self reclamation & a beautiful well lived life. New choices. New solutions. Appropriate healthy changes. Validation that supports and guides movement forward. My fascination and awe with all that life continuously unfolds along with the gift I am so honored and grateful to embody that brought me here to my work in Astrology, Psychology, the Healing Arts and Storytelling is what empowers me to deeply attune, mindfully listen, support and guide the folks I work with so that they find ways to make their lives into a vibrant delicious and connected experience. It is through my work that I seek to encourage positive growth & successful development in order to build a beautiful, prosperous, healthy life.

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