Revealing What The Zodiac Is Reflecting Back

My work is about incorporating heart, soul, mind and body towards clarifying a desire, wish and goal into a realized accomplishment.

My practice is enhanced through the electromagnetic and psychological clues found in your Astrology chart.

As an Astrological Life Coach which includes over 35 years of private practice, I offer compassionate guidance and insight that encourages opening doors to parts of your life you wish to fulfill.

I am well seasoned and practiced in East/West Psychology along with my intuitive and psychic understanding of Astrology.

My commitment to all my clients is to support them by encouraging them towards being able to clarify their longings, dreams and desires into accessible well thought out solid grounded goals.

Then step by step I am there to inspire my clients towards completion and the attainment of what they desire.

Success and a sweet thriving healthy well lived life is usually the result.

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