Astrology Consultations and Life Balancing Coach

For me life is an adventure filled with mysteries and wonders that intrigue and fascinate me.

Astrology is a tool I discovered a long time ago, at the very beginning of my life. Little did I know that systems of Astrological interpretation would be used throughout the course of my life and work. It’s the touchstone I learned to go to in order to reveal hidden mysteries and wonders.

The stories your Astrology chart unfolds gives meaning and direction to whatever your questions might be. Astrology readings which serves to enhance further Astrological Life Coaching sessions if you so choose.

As a seasoned astrologer and life coach I am happy to unravel the mysteries that lie hidden in the design of your birth chart.

Allow me to tell the story hidden in your birth chart in order to guide and support you towards fulfillment and happiness.

Specific Astrology Readings:

— The Essence of Your Personality and Life Journey (Natal)

— Looking forward:  Opportunities, challenges and influences in the next 6 months (Transit)

— Birthday Reading

— Love, Finding your Soulmate and Relationship Reading

— Career Change and Business Partnerships Reading

— Pet Astrology

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Looking forward to meeting, greeting and reading you on Zoom!

Stay well and healthy!

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