Astrology and Life Coaching

To me, my experience and understanding of life is seen through the lens of adventure. To behold this life with all of its mysteries and compelling phenomena. To witness all that unfolds within the daily mundane experiences of being alive along with the intriguing depths of our deepest dreams.

Astrology is a tool I was made to discover a long time ago, in fact at the age of 5. Yes, it’s true. No matter what I did or where I found myself, Astrology was sure to follow. Studies and applying systems of Astrological thoughts and ideas would be used throughout the course of my life. It’s the touchstone I learned to go to for myself until eventually it has become my work.

The hidden messages that await. That requires being decoded contains ideas and insights. Eye opening perceptions that forge precious understanding for you to utilize. Guidance to create and master the experience of your life’s journey as it unfolds. My astrology consultations offer meaning and understanding of your birth chart along with practical application of how to use the insights. I offer you assistance on how to apply what your birth chart reveals.

Here are some specific kinds of Astrology consultations I offer;

~ The Essence of Your Personality and Life Journey (Natal)

~ Looking forward…Opportunities, challenges and influences in the next 6 months (Transit)

~ Birthday Consultations

~ Love, Finding your Soulmate and Relationship consultations

~ Career Change and Business Partnerships consultations

~ Pet Astrology consultations

To connect with me;

Looking forward to meeting you and your Astrology

Stay well and healthy!


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