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~ January 6, 2023 ~ at 16 degrees ~ @ 6:08 pm EST

This moment of the bright culmination of the Cancer Moon emphasizes our sense of comfort, safety and stability. To integrate that with the Sun in Capricorn’s focus on responsibilities, discipline, practice and perseverance. All this works very well with the Cardinal active energy of the Cancer Full Moon in all of her glorious tenacity.

It is significant to be aware that at this bright Full Moon moment a sextile to Uranus/North Node in Taurus is formed with the Sun. This harmonious, creative sextile lightens up some of the stress caused by Saturn square to Uranus. This square has been active to varying degrees from 2021~2023. Currently it is still in aspect but is moving apart. The influence of the sextile eases a bit of the edginess caused by the discomfort of the traditions of Saturn vs the innovation of Uranus. There is now a comprehensive understanding that there is actually something of value in change after all.

The Sun in Capricorn conjunct Mercury forms a trine to the Uranus/North Node conjunction. Such a profound opportunity to communicate about ideas and concepts just coming into being. Perhaps some new comprehension about finances, money and just being a human being embodied on Planet Earth,

As the Cancer Moon is in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. This allows awareness of the emotions that arise when changes are really upon us to be released.

This Full Moon in Cancer is also a moment of dreams being brought into the realm of the practical as Neptune in Pisces forms a trine relationship to the Moon in Cancer.

We hold the capacity to transform the old and dying value systems illustrated by the sort of suffering we witness frequently. To have our eyes open and put words to what we see moves us towards ways to change what is toxic and obsolete. These powerful planetary transits influence our experience and awareness of the world around us. This Full Moon in Cancer is a culminating moment where there is a shift towards practical change that is in keeping with the needs of the time we are living in now.

There is also a fun psychic boon for those intuitive folks sensitive to the Neptune/Pisces trine formed with the Full Moon in Cancer. If you look and feel deep enough you could have a sense perception of how the amazing extraordinary is quite present within the ordinary. It’s a moment where miracles and magic are fully present to be perceived.

Let us first and foremost be aware that the Sun/Mercury conjunction in Capricorn calls on the use of the logical mind to find a way to connect diplomatically during conflict. Especially while being in opposition to the Moon in Cancer. This is what a Full Moon is actually about, a culmination brought on by a crisis. To be consciously resolved.

The Sun/Mercury conjunction in Capricorn trine to the Uranus/North Node conjunction in Taurus is fascinating. It works visceral practical reality into dilemmas while the Uranus/North Node conjunction in Taurus encourages moving forward towards progressive innovative change. All this as the chaos of Pluto in late Capricorn stirs things up in its continuing occupation with demolishing the obsolete. It might be hard to imagine, but the antiquated brittle structures are really being gutted to make room for relevant life affirming systems and structures.

Pluto is still lingering in sextile to Neptune in Pisces. This relationship could be just the thing required for conjuring up some merciful motivation. This aspect affects generations from 1945-2035. To inspire the heralding in of creative compassionate ways. To implant a paradigm shift that stimulates and encourages awareness of the reality that we are all living beings with a soul journey to live out and learn from.

All this as Jupiter continues its ingress into Aries. It began December 20, 2022 and will remain until May 16, 2023. Aries, fiery, bombastic warrior making its energy known via the expansive energy of Jupiter. We must be aware of our own limitations and boundaries during a time when the influence of Aries transiting Jupiter insists on expanding them. Jupiter is the planet of expansion as in enthusiastically boosting itself sometimes way beyond what logically can be held in reality. However this could be quite the time for widening one’s scope in the form of new adventures. Just make sure you are checking in with visceral reality from time to time.

Good to be aware that this transit also offers an opportunity to learn how to to utilize the fiery anger and conflict that might emerge more than usual.

Anger is an organizing force.

Anger and any spinoff of anger is the energy we feel that pushes us towards speaking up! To express our disagreement or disapproval of something is to distinguish our selves as begging to differ. When we learn how to identify the feeling of anger as an emotion that is expressing a need, it can be a constructive, rich in learning experience. When channeled appropriately anger can serve to open the dialogue as opposed to shutting it down or instilling violence.

It is also a necessary requirement to respect the differing points of view being expressed. When we understand how to manage our feelings, particularly anger, life becomes an adventure. Then anger is used as our own guiding force especially when we understand how to manage it constructively. Then there is the possibility that we “can study war no more.”

Jupiter in Aries conjunct Neptune in Pisces and sextile Pluto in Capricorn asserts confidence. Confidence that thru the awareness of a felt sense of fierce and fiery passions, to dialogue, respectfully communicating, allows resolutions and solutions that supports all life.

A question of balance….

The most fun thing that makes this all possible is Venus in Aquarius forming a sextile to this Jupiter in Aries equation. A little Venus never hurt anybody! Don’t you think?

Albeit Venus in Aquarius can be somewhat cool and detached. However, if you are patient and persevere, then on some level this moment can be filled with “sugar ‘spice and everything nice”.The thing is that ultimately it’s just Venus seeking beauty, balance, peace and harmony. Its just that when it’s in Aquarius it’s for the good of all.

This can complicate things in one on once relationships. Then the key to Aquarius is brilliant logic. Of course this all depends on where Venus is in your chart. If you know where Aquarius is in your chart you will know how Venus in Aquarius will bring its fascinating joy into your life. If not just watch and observe how you are experiencing your life along with your perception of beauty.

Venus in Aquarius sextile to Jupiter in Aries stimulates adventurous exploration. At the same time, Venus in Aquarius forms a trine to Rx Mars in Gemini. It’s the dance of desire towards striking the balance of yin /yang harmony.

So let yourself dream.

Let yourself imagine from the imagery of your dream. What is guiding you?

What have you learned that brought you here to this culminating moment in terms of what your motivations and goals are?

Do you have a sense of the kinds of actions you need to do in order to realize your dream? Your goal?

Then allow yourself to persevere, slowly but surely to where you need to be in order to realize this goal.

Remember that sometimes it’s through taking action that your dream goal changes.

Then just trust it. Sometimes it’s in following our dreams that a new desire emerges. Opening us up to a new calling we didn’t even know was there. To somehow trust that we are actually being led to exactly where we need to be. 🕊

✨☺️✨ The Full Moon in Cancer through the signs;

Aries ~ A month of love, it could be a most pleasing way to get to know yourself. So if you are in a relationship it could become more romantic, fiery and passionate than usual. If you are not, then this is a good time to keep your eyes open and take a look around. Perhaps someone is taking a good look at you. Either way, the path is energized for connection. So go with the flow.

Taurus ~ Some things that have been hard to gain clarity about just might become perfectly clear now. Venus, your ruling planet is in Aquarius, the ruler of Uranus ~ stimulating you to make some changes. Now with one touch of Venus in Aquarius some rough edges can get smoothed over. The ability to understand what your needs are and the awareness of how to get them met is a good way to work with this moment.

Gemini ~ It’s a good time to be out and about. To enjoy the energy of attraction that this time brings your way. To feel a portal opening for fun, for romance and maybe love. Albeit, this Cancer Full Moon also inspires you to balance the practical. Either way this period can be quite fascinating for you. So breathe, remember to exhale and go one step at a time.

Cancer ~ This Full Moon has been radiating in your honor. Emanating the stabilizing nurturing quality contained within your sensitive nature is now catalyzed. There might be some challenges that emerge. Allow yourself to just surrender to making the necessary adjustments. In the long run it could all be beneficial. Music, candles and relaxing movement in the form of dance could also be a good elixir for you at this time. A way for you to bring more light to your days at this darker time of year.

Leo ~ A stimulating moment to fall in love with the unique and unusual in your life. This could even be in the form of another person. After all as Venus in Aquarius opposes your sign, opposites do attracts. This is also a good moment to tune in to how your projects and goals are coming along. Do it now since it can all be subject to many changes in the coming months. Specifically do solidify the components of your life that you know work now.

Virgo ~ The Full Moon in Cancer/Sun in Capricorn has your back. So to use this moment well it’s good to clarify what in your life needs doing in order to achieve your objectives. Then you can revel in just letting yourself be. With Neptune in Pisces continuing to oppose your Virgo Sun you can surrender and relax into just being. It’s a good opposition that balances you. This is a charmed moment to pay attention to your dreams. Some word, thought or idea could come through. Some journey may unfold via a dream that could open the door to a deeper understanding of yourself and your life.

Libra ~ In the midst of this Cancer Full Moon its a conducive time of balance for you. This is also a time where you might suddenly discover some new person in your life. A person who makes you aware of a new perspective on things. Just go with the flow while staying centered within your truth and integrity. Then reflect on what you have learned.

Scorpio ~ It’s a harmonious Full Moon in Cancer for you, dear Scorpio. Particularly with Mars Rx in Gemini. It’s a conundrum that fills you with a new kind of desire as it stimulates your mind and your body. Therefore a good way to use this time is to figure out what is most important in your life now that require your attention. Both logical and intuitive insights could emerge. In a way this can be a productive period for you.

Sagittarius ~ So necessary for you to find a task or goal to focus on at this time. You may find yourself fully loaded with physical energy that can become nervous pent up feelings. Jupiter in Aries and Mars Rx in Gemini are firing you up now. So it’s a good time to go through your to do list and get stuff done. If you are an artist, author or musician these transits could fill you with a deep intelligence that will inspire you. In order to contain and calm your energy, it is highly recommended that you cultivate a mediation/breath work practice. Be mindful, grateful and enjoy this boon of energy!

Capricorn ~ ✨🌞✨ Happy Birthday✨🌞✨ This is the year that you are able to implement some new ideas about what really matters to you. Particularly in the realm of money and finance. So be ready to innovate your understanding of your relationship to money. In your career be ready to reimagine what being “on top” really means to you. Relationships take on a new significance to you. This is a good thing because in the long run it will bring you a deeper understanding of who you really are . Self awareness is a valuable Birthday present unto itself! Keep on….

Aquarius ~ If any moment in time can catalyze a breakthrough moment for you, this is it! Venus in Aquarius trine Rx Mars in Gemini. This serves to support your work, because it enhances your well being and energizes your mind. It also makes you quite attractive to a potential partner. So if a relationship is what you desire, get our there! If you are in a relationship now, this moment will make it electrically amorous! So enjoy this awesome time ‘cause no matter what you do or where you are at ~ the best is yet to come!

Pisces ~ To “study war no more”. Will the understanding of that permeate your consciousness as Jupiter, your traditional ruling planet transits through the sign of war, being Aries. However, it’s also the sign of creativity and a very distinguished sense of self. Elements that indeed are somewhat unfamiliar to Pisces and planet Neptune, your Modern ruling planet. To disappear and be dispersed into consciousness itself, might not be on the menu at the moment. At least not until May of 2023 when Jupiter enters Taurus. For now, consider your experience as a preview of Neptune’s ingress to Aries. Are you more fired up with creativity? Are you more anxious than usual? Then do take care of that part of yourself. Please let yourself be and just observe. You might find yourself moving into the most marvelous renaissance of profound artistic imagination and productivity ever!

There it is!

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